I want another E-type before I die!

This is crazy, but I really believe I need just one more E-type in my life. Having owned four in my time, I now realize that my current stable of nine cars do not scratch that ‘itch’ that only comes from a Jaguar. I have an XK8, an XJ6, and a XJS, but none of them do the trick for me. I have no high expectations, and would settle for just about anything, running or not, just to have one in the garage to stare at. Bad or no paint, rust everywhere, shot interior, dry rotted tires, rusty wire wheels, and some glass and trim missing. Any year, as they all look the same. Even one with the old iron-bellied six missing would do. I really don’t want to spend my children’s inheritance like this, but I am sorely tempted. Any and all advice greatly appreciated.


do it…and soon ! plenty of em out there for sale…just find one and do it. 2+2 coupes seem to have some reasonable prices…try to make it a driver…who cares about paint…easy enough to spruce up, and fix up old interior…start the search today…have the cash ready to jump. Kids can inherit the cars…and do what they want. Nick

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Thanks. That is what I wanted to hear. I don’t get any support around here for this sort of thing, but my offspring are very tolerant, and should be. I have given three out of four what they should expect already. The ‘holdout’ wants his in dribs and drabs, but I am keeping a tally of what he has gotten already. I am not car poor, with nine cars now, but I want an E-type again.

There’s a good silver '67 2+2 on BaT. Harvey Ferris did the resto, does good work. The auction ends in an hour and half from now, however. Now at $60K.

Worth every last cent!

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I even like looking at my XK in the garage with a car cover on it…still has the shape…I am totally smitten ! (must say women with shapely clothing…do the same…sometimes…just knowing…is enough !)

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Brings to mind what I said (at a JCNA concours) 10 years ago… “On the off chance I’m not going to live forever, I think I’d better get one of these now”.

No regrets and a whole lot of happy miles since.

X2 on the BaT by Harvey. A top dollar S1 2+2 would be a real joy right now unless you must have a two seater and the pain of repairs/restoration.


If you’re going to spend your children’s inheritance don’t buy a no paint, rust everywhere, some missing glass, rotted tires and missing interior car. Spend the money, buy a good one and enjoy it then leave them with one with to enjoy otherwise they may inherit a : no paint, rust everywhere………


I fell in love with E-Types in the mid-60s when I was around ten. Should have saved my money and bought one then, but instead had to enjoy learning how to work on my brother’s TR4. Bought a rusty 61 Impala for $125 when I was sixteen, then a 65 Mustang a couple of years later, then college and a computer career. Stopped by Classic Jaguar here in Austin just before I retired in 2012 to see what they had going on and loved seeing the restorations they had in progress. When I retired, my plan was to buy an E-Type and enjoy working on it and of course driving it. Some of the good folks here on JL helped me find a wonderful 67 FHC in need and after reconstruction and refurbishment I have driven it over 20K miles through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Canada, Montana and Wyoming. I’ve made new friends and traveled to places I’ve always wanted to see. And I go out to my workshop and love seeing it parked there and looking beautiful – when we are not on the road. Worth every penny.



See your psychiatrist. It is much easier to maintain a mistress than a harem. best regards, Mytype


Buy the best E you can find, you’ve earned it and children need to be able to make their way on their own. If they truly care about you, they will want you to be happy. E- Happy.


I agree, he needs to see a jagiatrist!

Ok, Ok, the hunt is on! No compromises. Series 2, OTS. Should have kept the raggedy 65 I badly restored. I do have cars already; 01 XK8 drophead, 73 XJ6, and 92 XJS and 2002 Honda S2000.

You know, you could always downsize the collection and use the proceeds as a small downpayment on an E you can actually drive :sunglasses:

That’s what I was thinking…nine cars…that’s a lot. I have two toy cars that I can just barely keep up with.

I don’t think the Honda should count, probably doesn’t need anything except gas and oil :wink:

Didn’t you start a thread on this same topic a couple years ago? A lot of E’s have come through market since then - just go buy a car! :grinning:

There. Fixed it for you. Just do it! :smiley:


The silver '67 2+2 sold for $65K on BaT yesterday.