Jaguar d-type build

I took the plunge!

RCR D-type on order.

Ecurie Ecosse Flag Metallic Blue
Sebring Hump (not 100%)
Powered by 1970 Etype 4.2 (currently being rebuilt)
Tremac 5 speed (need to source)
Fuel System Jenvey Heritage Throttle Body (weber look alike)
ECU not confirmed yet
16 x 6 Dunlop style rims

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Here is how the Tub looks

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Hi Dino…there are 2 guys that recently registered on the forum that i mentioned a while ago both building RCR D,s…you may be intetested i one of the guys build site… Steve

Well, that was 2 hours well spent. Really enjoyed Chucks build and have some take aways from it. I’m sure I’ll be using that blog from time to time. Great of you to share, not sure if I would fount it, especially on a gt40 forum.

Let’s start with the colour

Standox 41051 Flag Metallic Blue

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Alright it may have arrived 6 months too early but man on man!!!

Great office art!


Hi Dino…very nice…are they Heritage throttle bodies…Steve

Yes they are!

Trying to figure out the best way to keep them looking good.

I might clear it or powder coat flat silver, flat black or gloss silver gloss black.

Is it going to be for show or go…how about just leaving them so they build up a patina…

ACF50…works well!

Yes patina is another option.


This build, like all my others, will be for driving first shows are just for fun.

I do like a little bling though

I like the ACF50 idea. May just do the manifold and ACF50 the TBs.

Don’t worry it won’t be

The below is more my style

That colour sample doesn’t look right might be the photo, but EE blue has more of a green tint in it like a petrol effect.

It’s a tough one to photograph. There are so many colours variation with light reflections.

Thanks Wiggles.

A must have for classics

I spoke with CKL who sent me a colour slide as I believe they know the true shades of EE blue, I had researched for best part of 12m to get the correct colour for my first replica, I was keen to get as close a match as I could get in a modern 2k paint, finally settled on Ford Octane blue and was very pleased a lot of cars that say they are EEBlue are too silver in colour IMHO

some info here that might guide you

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here are my Heritage TB’s running on Omex 710
something to consider is machining the flywheel 36-1 so you don’t see timing wheel, Im also running coil pack direct off the ecu thats hidden under the inlet manifold, but the neat trick is to strip the dizzy, drill holes in the side so that the HT cables feed into the case out the side to the coil pack so keeps the historic look


Great way to keep it looking stock, your engineering (imagination) is note worthy. I, on the other hand, went with a multi v pulley and a trigger wheel on the crank, in plain site.

Similar to the set up on me E.

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looks nice and serpentine belt

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