Jaguar engine production numbers

Does anyone have numbers on how many XK, V12, AJ6, AJ16, AJ26… Engines were produced in total? I found numbers by car models, but not by engines.


This topic might be a starting point for you.

How Many XK Engines Were Made - XK-Engine - Jag-lovers Forums

Thank you, Ihadn’t found this yet! I think there is something similar for th v12 engines.
Maybe I need to collect the data myself from the car production numbers.I have the numbers for the XJ40 and X300, but different dources don’t agree and even the model numbers mostly don’t add up correctly to the total.
I have nothing for the XJS so far.

The problem area is estimating the number of spares produced along with any other blocks or engines not originally installed in vehicles at the factory. Short of foundry records I have no idea how you would gather that information.

I’d be happy with a rough estimate. But even that is difficult.
ooking at car production numbers, there is a lot of iformation that does not match up:

At the bottom of the wikipedia site you wil find production numbers for the x300. But the individual numbers don’t add up to the total.

Same here for the XJ Series I, II and III:
Add the numbers and they quite often don’t add up correctly.