Keep losing member status& often won’t let me search a topic

When I try to search on something site tells me I’ve searched for topic too many times even when I’ve never searched for it before. So I go to Safari and search through it but afraid I’m missing some info.

Hi John,

I’m not sure what you mean, I’ve never seen any such message. Could you post a screenshot, please?


Hi Gunnar, As soon as I get another one l’ll send it along. Thanks, John

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Gunnar, I’m trying not to get upset about this topic. I Don’t know how to send the statement from my search but here is what it always says: ‘You’ve performed this action too many times, please try again later.’ It happens every time I try the search function. My only way around this is to make the search question through Google and usually I can get to the info I need. In addition I repeatedly am having to sign in again because I’m a guest again. Between this and not being considered a patron because I make my small monthly contribution through PayPal. I know we have talked about this in the past but there must be a way to fix all this. There are patrons on the site who give through PayPal and are being recognized. John

John, can you do a screen capture (phone) or print screen (computer)?


Unfortunately, I’ve never seen the error message/situation you describe. I use Safari myself, on a Mac, on iPhones, and on iPads. I also use other browsers occasionally, especially for testing when someone reports a problem with the site. In the almost seven years we’ve been running the Discourse forum software, I’ve never experienced this issue.

That doesn’t mean I doubt you’re seeing it, just that troubleshooting won’t be easy. I just googled the error message you reported, and the only mention I find is people hitting a forum’s API programmatically, which doesn’t apply to you.

Have you tried using a different browser, or a different computer/tablet, just to see if the problem is somehow with Safari or your device? Might be helpful for troubleshooting.

Not really, for reasons explained here:

We’re eternally grateful to you no matter how you choose to help support Jag-lovers. Please note though: If you decide to support us via purchasing stuff on Zazzle, or donating through PayPal, your experience on the site will be as a non-donor. In other words, in addition to not having the avatar “flair” in the Forums, the “Please support Jag-lovers” flag in the Forums header will remain in place.

We know from experience on the old site that many members do enjoy having some form of recognition of their donor status. The reason we know this is that we had to manually add a flag to each member who contributed, and people would complain if the process took too long. The whole thing was very time consuming and often involved a fair amount of detective work (people would use different email addresses to donate, and not mention their J-l username in the transaction). That’s why we’ve put so much effort into getting the current Patreon system set up, so the process of adding recognition would be fully automatic. Thank you for understanding.

That said, some members have taken to adding the words “PayPal patron” (or similar) to their profile themselves. Usually just behind their real name (i.e. “John Lastname - PayPal patron”). See this post for how to change your real name.

While we’re on the subject, please add your last name to your profile. Per Jag-lovers terms and conditions, item 1, we do not allow anonymous accounts.

I really wish there was! PayPal doesn’t offer the same integration as Patreon does, which means the only “fix” would be to do it manually. And that simply doesn’t scale to over 51,000 members. Especially since the site is run by volunteers.

I hope this helps,

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the OP should see this message

there is quite a few posters who have modified their signature (I presume), with something like “donates via Paypal” next to their name

I have thought to do this, but have not, as it would require me to go to the “How To” section and follow instructions

As to the other part of the problem, looks like the OP has communicated to you what sort of age & device and browser etc

Not really, unless I missed something? All I have is this:

It would be interesting to know if a different browser or a different device shows a different result. If John gets the same result even with a different browser or device, it could be something to do with his profile.

If not, it could be the browser or device. Or, more likely, browser contents (cookies) or settings.

Thanks for your quick response to my venting. I wish I was more adept at computer language. The browser is safari. I’ll ask my grandchildren to try and educate me a little and help me try another browser. My iPad is about a year old so it should be current.?Regards, John

That is by far the best method of resolving such an issue

Luckily all of my sons are very good with all that stuff, one is a technology officer at his work to support the staff using tech

All of them quit before me when any heavy nasty work is needed, although I am old and busted, and they are over 6ft and fit…the youth of today :wink:

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Tony, thanks for your thoughts. Got side tracked on other stuff. Have to get some time with grandchildren. Hardest part is getting some time on their busy schedules! John