LED Flasher comparison

Great work Bob, many thanks for that. If you do come over this side of the pond I will gladly treat you with some famous Belgian beers.
Now I can move forward with the bulbs swap plan.
Having bought many times from AES, always found them clear in their descriptions and quite up to the expectations in other respects.
No affiliation or interest whatsoever, just a satisfied customer.

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Now, I just gotta determine if the Rover has a two-pin, or three-pin flasher.

Given it’s again buried in a snowdrift, it may take me a few days to figure it out…!!!

Thanks Bob! I’ll go ahead and order them as well. Regarding the lack of clicking, I can’t hear mine anyway!:joy:

This looks like it’d (if crudely) solve the no-audible indication…


I already have an audible alarm… and it tells me more than just my blinker is on!


Hey, I’ve got one of those as well. :crazy_face:

Passenger side airbag warning system? :joy::rofl:

When I had switched over to LEDs many years ago had the problem with the flashers not working with stock flasher unit on my 70. Went to PepBoys and picked up a new flasher unit labeled “for older cars” problem solved for $8.00

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All four lights? I might like this thread even better!

I wish I had seen this last Spring…been trying to sort out the flashers with LEDs on all four corners.

Better go back just a month or two. There was considerable discussion on the latest successful flashers. I don’t think melloyellow answered Paul’s question on whether all four flashers were converted.


I got the electronic flasher that someone recommended, somewhere: 3-pin, adjustable flash rate.

-with the incandescents, the ONLY thing that flashes iS the two indicator lights—as a pair– like old VWs did, but nothing outside;
-with just the front bulbs replaced with the Superbright amber bulbs, in the front, everything flashes outside, at a slightly faster rate, but the indicator lights barely, if at all flash.

I sure like the brightness of the front signals, but i hate not hearing anything, and, not having operative dash indicator lights.

Use the load thingys and use a real flasher. Problems solved. Yeah, you’ll use a few more amps for the flashers but do you really care about that as long as you don’t drive along forever with your flasher’s on.

Forgive me if I do not understand since I only scanned over things in this string since my experience dealing with LED’s on newer Boeing 737’s left a bad taste in my mouth reliability-wise over their older counterparts. I have no desire to try them on any of my cars yet. I am curious though on the E-type if the flasher lights in LED form have trouble working properly then why not just leave those as the stock incandescents until all the bugs are worked out with the systems on the market ? On my car the flashing lights are only in the outboard sockets and all they do is flash. Does not seem to me to be much savings in amp draw or that much better lighting for those 4 sockets.

68 E-type FHC

I went with LED on the turn signals not for the amp savings but for the increased brightness. Much brighter and the fact that they cycle on immediately at full intensity make them even more visible.

Ditto: I could care less about current draw: I want to be SEEN!! Like the Jag, the Rover’s lights are pretty small (not as minuscule as the E Type, but…).

To that end, I’ve already installed the bright, flashing brake lamps, and an LED high-mounted 3rd brake light.

Brake lights I understand and would not mind converting even though my stock ones seem pretty good even on a red car. I am just not convinced about reliability yet. My experience on 737’s is they are not near as reliable and are MUCH more expensive to repair than their 20+ year old counterparts, especially for the ones that flash or change colors. I also still see too many new cars out there with single or banks of LED’s not working.

68 E-type FHC

I went through this exercise here:

replaced all exterior bulbs w/Superbrite LEDs and used their silent red flasher for the Hazard

and a clicking flasher for the signals.

The difference in brightness is night and day, literally. Like Paul, I put amber color LED in my front signals which you only can tell when flashing

Thank you for all your work and research! I have been trying to figure out which LEDs and which flasher, and I think you have my thinking straightened out. I only want red 1176s in the taillights and I’ll leave all the rest as incandescent. I’ll buy the Superbrights and the XKS flasher and hope for your good luck.

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You may not need the flasher if you still have incandescent in the fronts.