Lets guess its value

(PeteWilletts) #1

There is a 63 E type OTS on BAT now that has had a lot of the hard work done. Lots of $$ parts installed and appears to be a nice car with good paint…Its unusual to see this combination. We all know what it takes in time and money to create on of these…soooo lets guess what this will sell for and justify the # .

(Paul Wigton) #2

$135,201…and 2 denarius.

EDIT: now that Ive looked at it, and seen it’s a —GASP!!! non-number matching ‘bitza’ car, I’ll hazard a guess of $61,291.02


Frankly, AFAICS, the bones of oit look quite decent, and seems to have most of the bits neded to finish it.

Panel gaps look only slightly worse than some I saw from the factory. T’would likely make a decent driver.

(gary breyer, 09 X358 LWB Sovereign, Liquid Silver/Warm Charcoal. Ex Ministerial car.) #3

You forgot the 2 cents:-)

(Paul Wigton) #4


(Erica Moss) #5

I think folks who know the car are going to be conservative. There’s a lot of liberty taken with finish choices. The panel fit is not what I’d call good at all. Perhaps it could be tinkered a bit, but quite hard to do on a panted car, and it really needed to be done before it was painted which implies to slapdash work, as does the generous undercoating…inside the car and bonnet (assuming it’s not just black primer)

I bought a project like this 18 years ago. I’ll never buy another one like it. There’s still enough work for it to be a huge time hog and it will be hard to correct things that were done wrong.

edit: but bat does love its projects, and it loves red, and shiny. So I’ll guess 69k

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #6

guessing bid to 63K and not meet reserve. It mentions a lot of parts but does not say all the parts are there and cataloged.

what’s the little hole in the wheel well pic #24?

#85 painted the heater snorkel

##55 no dust shields behind front rotor

#37 whats that wrinkled area ahead of floor cross member and near the angle drive side of the transmission tunnel? And I didn’t see a shot of that from the underside.

#86 silver heater box

That black stuff all over the floor, I assume rubberised undercoating as you see on the TV ads? Is suspicious. OTH my floors are pretty good and I just fortunately stopped the shop from doing something like that to them. I would want to get under that car and prod around with a screwdriver

I’d love to get my hands on all those parts :wink:

(Jerry Mills) #7

Sugar scoops are body color.

(David Langley) #8

In the interests of full disclosure, I’m a bidder on this project. So, I’m only interested in what’s wrong with it, and will keep the good things to myself…:grinning: I came up with a list of problems/issues but have decided against posting it here. Several of them are not directly verifiable from the BaT material, and would require a detailed inspection of the car, and interrogation of the sellers to deny or confirm. I try to avoid negative speculation on BaT, and limit my comments to things that are clear from the photos or description. Having been a seller on BaT, I understand how frustrating it can be when someone from “the peanut gallery” makes an irrefutable (in the sense that you can’t easily prove them wrong) negative opinion about the car, particularly if it comes a few hours before the auction closes. Hagerty valuation for a #3 1963 OTS is $102K and a #2 is $183K. Unless the restoration is restarted, I see this car as being somewhere between these two when it’s done. “Projects” seem to do better on BaT than fully restored cars, so I predict that bidding will max out at $65K and I will have dropped out much earlier…:grin:


(Erica Moss) #9

You mean like, “I see the car is near Huston. Can you prove it’s not a flood car?”. I hate some of the BS on BAT. I’d honestly be scared to list my car there.

(Erica Moss) #10

That’s a 4.2 thing. 3.8s don’t gather dust.

(Paul Wigton) #11

You ought not to be: WAAAY better than eBait, much more contemporaneous than Hemmings, and the folks at BaT serm reasonable in attenuating really scurrilous comments.

I found out on my advert for Tweety, that near-instant response and inforned pushback on the assholes, goes a long ways.

(David Langley) #12

Exactly! Or something like, “lots of corrosion under that paint” comment I saw last week less than 30 minutes before the close of the auction. What did the originator of that comment hope to achieve? They weren’t a bidder trying to keep the bids down. Just grandstanding I guess, but at someone else’s expense. Most serious bidders probably ignore such remarks for what they are, but if nothing else they are distractions that can subtly develop a negative feel to an auction and maybe influence the outcome…

(Paul Wigton) #13

And, I will forcefully–as I did–stand against thise types of idiots.

They aren’t unique to Bat, so I see no reason to slag BaT for their venue.

I realize you are not doing so.

Chance ya take: it’s the response that can make the difference. I did so with both Tweety’s and the Vette’s detractors.

(69 FHC ) #14

When I sold the 2+2 on Hemmings they had the ad on their web site immediately and the car sold within 2 weeks at my price based on the ad on Hemmings’ internet site. It went so quickly the ad never made it into their print magazine.

(Paul Wigton) #15

Time’s different and who knows what else: I sold six cars in Hemmings–pre-Interwedz era–and got nothing as good as that result.

IIRC, the cost to advert in them is much higher than BaT, too.

(69 FHC ) #16

I think my cost was something like $60 I think it about $100 today.

I also had good luck selling the Miata on Craig’s list. That one took about a week.

(Nick Saltarelli) #17

It must be hard to let go of a project after so many years, though I’ve pondered the same over the XK120 I’m still working on after 29.

I’m suspicious by nature of bodywork, having come to understand how much patience and deliberate care it takes to get it right and how easy it is to fake it with plastic filler. Undercoating on what appears to be a total body job always raises red flags as are uneven panel gaps (eg the boot lid) that could have been fixed easily before paint but would now require a lot of rework. There would be no reasonable expectation of matching a 25-year-old base/clear paint job or how long it will hold up when the car is done so I’d be looking at complete blocking and a respray - though I’d be a bit apprehensive about what lurks underneath.


(L.Lynn '68 OTS, '73 2+2) #18

Well, I’m terrible at this but I’m going to guess 72K and DNMR. There’s a lot to like with this car but I agree with Erica’s comments about panel fit and finish work. Still ‘if’ completed to a level 2 car there’s still quite a bit of wiggle room before being completely upside down.
I agree with David,

and I try not to say anything bad if I can help it but this one really tested my will power: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-jaguar-xke-22/?utm_source=transactionalemail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=bat_watched_listing_ending_soon

(Paul Wigton) #19

Yeeea, and I’m fairly sure the seller thought s/he was cheated. I kept my mouf shut, too!

Frankly, had it NOT had the racing numbers…and I’d had the ching…:wink:

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #20

Yeah well…I have an uneasy feeling about other posters on BAT shilling for the owner…“I know this guy he builds great cars…” “Oh that’s so gorgeous this bid has to double or triple from here otherwise it will be stolen…”

I appreciate the detractors when they point out things I have no understanding of…like the explanation of the engine numbers on a vette, how they relate to serial #, date code etc.