Lets guess its value

(Nick Saltarelli) #61

A former boss used to describe my E as “a wheeled phallus”.

Of course, he was a bit.of a dick himself.

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #62

My coupe is definitely a girl and the XJ6 and Mk2 are blokes. So named by the bride. Paul

(Erica Moss) #63

His answer about the bonnet sounds promising. Not sure why he thinks 1/4" is a reasonable gap. 1/8" is plenty. In the worst case the low profile hinges from CJ should get you over the hump if removing all the shims doesn’t get you close enough on the bad side.

(Nick Saltarelli) #64

Ah. Settled, then.

(LLoyd (just a rithmetician)) #65

…and my OTS is definitely a female; sultry, remember Roger Rabbits wife in the Disney movie?


“What terrifies religious extremists like the Taliban are not American tanks or bombs or bullets, it’s a girl with a book.”
Malala Yousafzai

(Nick Saltarelli) #66

Whatever turns you on.

Begs the question, do E-types turn on men or women? Or both?

After all, the E-type is, in the immortal words of HM3, “the Greatest Crumpet Catcher Known to Man” - not the greatest HWMOY known to woman.


Now I admit that there may be just a bit of period chauvinism in evidence in Manney’s characterisation but, c’mon guys, you’ve got to admit that the E-type has always been more associated with babe magnetism than the other way round.

Now, the XK120 is another story. Voluptuously female in extremis.

(David Langley) #67

Thanks for the prod to ask about the shims. I’d had the same concern about the room for adjustment on the bonnet, but hadn’t thought about asking about the installed shims. The cynic in me thinks he may be saying 1/4" is fine because he knows that, with only 1/8" of installed shims, there isn’t much room to reduce the gaps much. I’d forgotten about the low profile hinge option.

(1967 FHC) #68

I just checked my panel gaps on my FHC to see what they were. As you know, my car was stripped to bare metal and painted this summer by a former CJ body guy so I expect them to be excellent. They were 1/4 on the bonnet and doors and 1/8 on the rear hatch. They were more out of spec before the respray. I agree with Erica that 1/8 is fine.


(PeterCrespin) #69

“but realized it would be too obscure and obtuse to actually be humorous.”

Don’t let that stop you. It has never stopped me! :slight_smile:

(phillip keeter) #70

Panel gaps are purrrrfect!

(Larry velk) #71

I don’t think the car looks too bad - as to the price, that would require more information. Some things that look like they were done would be hard to undo if they were done wrong. I’d be concerned about the end float of the hub bearings, how do all the little rollers in the rear control arms look, etc. In the car’s current condition a person could evaluate the body pretty darn well. That is, if you were actually ON SITE.
We bought a T-Bird with an inspection, but it still fell short of expectation (was OK, just not as great as we thought). Bottom line, as others said, you must see it yourself at these price points. This is not a $ 4 k SUV for your kid to use at school.
The floor around the tunnel and inner rockers doesn’t look that great, but the car does seem to have some value as a whole, depending on price and a real inspection.

(Paul Wigton) #72

As a joke, at car shows, I aaaaaaalmost got a set of TruckNutz© to hang off the back of Teeety, but even for my irreverent self, that was a brook too broad for leaping.

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #73

44,250 $ so far. 6 hours to go. Time to check your credit score, David :smile:

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #74

Raquel did it better

(Michael P Moore) #75

Pete, I am gong to be selling my very similar 63 E Type there before long so I am watching this guy closely. But here is something I noticed this morning. If you go down the list of comments, you will find some really “in the weeds” questions about this specific car, What you will not find are any of those questioners bidding on the car! but conversely, if you look at the bidders, you will find only one who asked questions. I find that curious.

(L.Lynn '68 OTS, '73 2+2) #76

Along that same line of thought, the two high bidders currently have ‘never’ made ANY comments on any BAT auctions.

(David Langley) #77

In case you don’t know, BaT gives you the option of sending a private question to the seller. When I sold a car there, I received several questions from interested parties who never submitted a public comment. Some of them also bid on the car. Whenever I see a bidder on an auction I’m interested in myself, I check out the history of other bidders, and it’s surprising how many have no comments to their name, and in many cases no past bids on other cars. The ones that always raise a red flag are those bidders with no history who became members at the same time as the auction started. One can’t help thinking shill in those cases, though I imagine that many of them are legitimate, and only became members when they saw a car they wanted to bid on.

(Ray Livingston) #78

That would seem perfectly normal to me. I don’t buy a lot of cars (VERY few, actually), so there would be no reason for me to have been registered for long, and not necessarily to have asked any questions. And once I bought a car, I’d disappear again.

Ray L.

(David Langley) #79

Agreed Ray. As I said in my post, most of them are probably legitimate for the reason you cite. Now of course, if the newly registered bidder uses the same username that the seller of the car used when trying to sell it on eBay the week before, you are probably looking at shill! YES, some dufus actually did that…:grinning:

(PeteWilletts) #80

Personally I would never buy a car I had not seen in person…its that simple