Lets guess its value

(Paul Wigton) #41

How long is a piece of string?

How far Is up?

The answer would completely depend—again—on a physical inspection of both.

(Erica Moss) #42

Better in that it had valuable barn dust and semi precious rat droppings inside. That car oversold by a wide margin. Two very nice running examples sold for the same price within weeks of that. I highly doubt the same barn find would fetch that today as the market’s been softening. Barn finds do have added allure, gem in the rough, never apart, etc. Once the restoration is begun though, that allure is lost and it’s just other e-type.

That said I’d never have bid such a price on a barn find unless it was one of the super rare first year examples. Come to think of it, flat floors and heels aren’t a good combination so nix that.

(Gerald Ireland) #43

Thanks Paul and Erica,yes the piece of string came to mind and agree the barn find was way over bid,I would not touch either myself,at my age and health I would want instant gratification!
Regards Gerry 62 Ots,

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #44

I’ve been drooling over those seats. They would look great in my car.

38K so far.

(1967 FHC) #45

Yes, what is taking so long? These owners must not know how to put together an E-Type. Certainly the body work and paint take a while, but not all that long. Maybe I was lucky. but my recent body work and respray took four months. That wasn’t engine out and on a rotisserie, but it was down to bare metal and done to fairly high degree. I think you could have this thing back together without too much difficulty if the fit and finish are to your liking.


(1967 FHC) #46

Quite possibly, IMO too. The LH well arc is a problem if no backward movement is possible, but other than that it doesn’t line up in some of the photos because the bonnet latches are not in place.


(Paul Wigton) #47

Equally bad with size 12EEs…:woozy_face:

(Erica Moss) #48

I dunno Drew. It would look nice next to Ruby. Then you’d have both cars, open and closed and both shades of red.

(Erica Moss) #49

I think they have an operation for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Nick Saltarelli) #50

I bought my basket case XK120 (yup, Erica, never gonna do that again) mid 1991. I had visions of sugar plums dancing in my head at the time, figuring I’d have it on the road the summer of 1993. My new target is spring 2020. Not bad. Only off by 27 years.

(You haven’t been talking with my wife, have you?)

(1967 FHC) #51

I’d love it, but am waiting a while until I get the garage and all of Ruby done. This one is David’s.


(1967 FHC) #52

A basket case XK120 is a different thing and well worth all the years required. :smiley:


(Paul Wigton) #53

Yea…dropped floors!!!

(Paul Wigton) #54

It’s important not to peak, too soon.


(Nick Saltarelli) #55

Oh. Well then! You have my permission to set my wife straight.

I don’t have a name for my E (I’ve often wondered why owners opt for female names when the shape of the car is so, um, masculine. However, if I ever do decide to name it I think I will choose either “Rod” or “Dick” or maybe even “Willie”.

It took me 2 years and 9 months to restore my E. Doing up a complete E-type body restoration without the use of bondo is a much easier proposition than a bondo-less XK120, with the aluminum hinged panels and slab sides. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

(Nick Saltarelli) #56

After all this money, time, blood, sweat, toil, tears and breaking of the Fourth Commandment I’m wondering if the peak to which you refer is on the top of my head.

(Paul Wigton) #57


That’s why I always spoke of Tweety as a “he:” simply too studly a car to call it a ‘her.’

(L.Lynn '68 OTS, '73 2+2) #58

Sorry Nick, the profile looks very feminine IMHO :wink:

(Steve) #59

I’ve often wondered why owners opt for female names…

Because it’s a damned curvy-lined beast! Say, for example, like…

She actually looks part Jaguar…

(1967 FHC) #60

Well, yeah! And down here in Texas, as Steve knows, if you want to have a male vehicle you just hang one of those sets of testicles from the hitch on the back of your truck. I prefer the curves of the E-Type.