Looking for wheels

(Dzia) #1

I have the 15" lattice wheels on my 94 4.0 coupe. I want to upsize to a 16" either 5 or 20 spoke wheel. Been surfing the web and most of the big wheel companies come up with a big fat zero.

Any of you folks have a lead for good to excellent condition wheels?


(Steve) #2

I replaced the turbines in 16" with the revolvers in 17"


Highly recommend the “upgrade”.
The selection of tires in 17" is better than 16" (at least as of today)

Good luck.

(paul davies) #3

I have had my xjs for 25 years and these were available at the time and still come up on ebay from time to time, they are RW MACHO 16", (not cheap and nasty fondmetal), 7J FRONT 8J REAR BOTH I THINK ARE OFFSET 22 (whatever that indicates)

(Steve) #4

IMHO, 22 mm offset is a bit too aggressive for the XJS body.
Stock is 27 or 28 mm and this is for a wheel that is not 8 inch wide. The revolvers I used are 17x8 ET33 and sit very flush with the fender lip.

(paul davies) #5

True I had 245 55 on the rear which rubbed on the outer arches under certain circumstances. Got eagle 235 60 now which are superb. 225 55 on the 7" front

(Dzia) #6

I finally found a set of 4 wheels. The picture is the style wheel I wanted. They are obviously used and the seller did mention that they are peeling the clear coat.

Anybody in the D.C. Metro area have any recommendations for a wheel restoration shop with positive results?

I’ll post before and after pics as this upgrade progresses.


(Dzia) #7

My wheels arrived today and I was pleasantly surprised at the condition. There is some curb rash and nicks here and there but overall they are in very nice condition with no corrosion noted on the bead area.

Sent the pics to one of the larger wheel restoration companies in Annapolis and they came back with an estimate of $850 to make all four look like new. I agreed and a drop off date was agreed upon. Two hours later they called me and declined to do the work due to age of the wheels. So I’m back to searching for a company to bring them back to original appearance.


(Dzia) #8

So for those following this, the wheels were $700 with $150 shipping from CA to MD.

New center caps with ruby background $100

Stainless valve stems $56

Subtotal $1006


(Stephen J. Niznik) #9

If you aren’t going for perfection you could probably have them powder coated for a lot less than $ 800.00.


(Don Franke) #10

Have the same wheels and really like them. Came off a 1995 and IMHO they look great on my 1987. To clean I use a bottle brush.

(Steve) #11


If are willing to drive ca. 2 hours north on I95, try these guys:

Not too far away from me, drop me a line if/when you are in the area.

(Dzia) #12

The wheel shop I used sent me a pic of one of the completed wheels today. Should be picking them up on Friday. Hope they look as good in person as the photo. Before:

If you ever need the metal valve stems CCC70421, they have been superseded by XR858423. Unfortunately the new number is a simple rubber valve stem which they charged $11.00 each! I thought $11.00 would have been fair for the metal stems, not for rubber. I returned them and still searching for a good stem.


(Gary Crosby 75 XJ6L, 85 XJ-S, 09 XF Supercharged.) #13


I used these flush mount valve stems on my truck with great success defeating the kids that kept stealing my nice chrome caps.

(Veekay) #14

Did those wheel originally come with a clear Coat? What’s the consensus on clearcoating rims? Is that even done anymore? Does it last longer than it used to?


(Dzia) #15

Well,these wheels are 24 years old now at least. They originally had a clear coat which was flaking off. The wheels were stripped, and champagne silver powder coat was applied. That is the slight color difference between the spokes. They were then diamond turned and clear coated. Both front and back look like new. Very pleased with outcome.

Rehab cost was $625 making subtotal now at $1631.

I have a quote for $700 for 4 BF Goodrich Advantage T/A 225-60-16 V rated tires which will be match mounted and road force balanced. Any negatives with this tire?


(Veekay) #16

Unfortunately I have no experience with that tire.

Did you discuss applying a clear powder coat? I was wondering what affect that would have on the diamond turned finish.

(Dzia) #17

I was finally able to pick up my wheels today. They look much better in person. The center post and areas inside the spokes have the champagne silver coating and they appear pretty close to some of the pictures I have seen. The diamond turn is there bit I have to look very close to see the tiny cut marks.

I was able to locate chrome valve stems that are reasonably close to the original design.

Now on to making a decision for what tires to mount.


(Veekay) #18

Those are great looking wheels. I would definitely consider swapping out the five spoke wheels for those! I just stumbled upon a set of 5 that I want to clean up and use. The rashed up wheels I have will likely be dedicated for snow tires, since I drive this car all year round.

I didn’t know that center part of your wheel came out so much. I thought it was, at best, in the same plane as the face of the rim, or even shorter.

(Michael Garcia) #19

…off the subject here,
l am interested in swapping a Lattice for a Dayton. 15’s…

(Veekay) #20

There’s someone on Craigslist selling a set of 15” lattice for $300.

No affiliation.

Check Washington DC area Craigslist.