Lowering a series 1 xj6

Hi guys new to this . I have a series 1 xj6 and I’m wondering if I can lower it on xjs springs or what ??

No, XJS springs are designed to support the weight of the heavier V12.

The front is relatively easy. From crude to better.
I’ll not comment on the former.

Add spacers, again from crude to sophisticated, between the pan supporting the spring under the lower A arm… .

Search the archives here, post have been made some with helpful pictures.


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Or look at photos with 217/70 tyres. Maybe that’s enough, if you don’t want to slam it all the way down… I like the filled wheel arches.
The SI 2.8 might have lighter springs, the cast iron block is 2 inches shorter, and no AC… look at parts numbers. Anything else should be heavier. For shortening, or lowering the spring pan, check out #lumps, they should have some experience? Carl does.

my S1 is lowered using King springs. 30mm all around. not too low, IMHO
gets lots of compliments and the ride is still superb


Jay, that does indeed look pretty cool. No pun intended. The S1 front end with the full height radiator grill works quite well without the bumper. I suspect it would not look as good on S2 or later.

Keeping mine to standard ride height at the moment as I don’t want to affect the ride quality. We live down a 400 Metre unmade road and the XJ is the best car over that I have ever driven.

Have you got a side on pic you can share?

This is mine, running on progressive Eibach DB7 springs:


Damn Nick, that is GORGEOUS!

So the springs are for an Aston Martin DB7? Eibach used to make XJ springs but they’ve been discontinued for ages…

Also are those Lattice wheels 16’s or 15’s?

~ Mike

Yes, DB7-spec springs. Must be almost 20 years ago now since I fitted them. The alloys are 15". I never did find a pair of 16" ones (at a fair price).

Do you remember what year DB7 and did it require any modification?

BTW I just got a set of 15" Lattces but wasn’t sure how they’d look on a S1 - obviously they’d look fantastic.

So, remove the bumper but put the risers back on? Or did those come from some other model car?

The idea when I fitted them was that the DB7 was built on the XJ-S, which was built on the short wheelbase S1 XJ. The springs fitted with no mods at all, a straight replacement. They could have been a little firmer at the rear, but without 3 hefty friends in the back it’s fine.

The bumper horns are the original ones, on a custom bracket. This is to hide the bonnet hinges.

Ideally I want to remove the rear bumper and smooth the sides for a really smooth look.

Thanks guys . Do you know what the small spade Brown wire connector is for on the starter because I have put a Merc c250 turbo diesel engine and box in and it only has 2 wires and jag has 3

I think the ones on my 83 look great, but the extra width aids all around. shod with 215 70 15, just right. Spring sag brigs the front down about right.


You learn something every day!! I didn’t know that…
And I was actually amazed to discover that the DB7 used the exact same Jaguar Front and IRS up until 2001…!
Sure Jaguar was ahead of it’s time.

The DB7 was developed by Jaguar as the next model on from the XJ-S, but never made it out of the gate, so when Aston Martin (also owned by Ford at the time) needed a new model, they gave it to them. At least as far as I remember the lore… It does explain why the DB7 is pretty much all Jag though!

Nick I owned an original 14,000 1972 xj6 . THAT LOOKS REAL TRICK and LOVELY.


If the thin wire goes to the starter, I think it’s to activate the starter. The +12V thick cable is always live.

I might be wrong though, it’s been a while since I delved into that bit.

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I would love to see a few pictures of that tricked out jag

finally got a side pic
ride quality is not compromised as these springs retain the proper spring rate.
it’s a pleasure to drive

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