'Machine grey' shade?

Has anyone found a decent match for the grey shade used on 140 seat frames and the bootprop? It’s quite pale, a bit yellowy-green, I think.

No. BAS in California claims to have cornered the market on the powder coating formula. To my eye, it is a sand gray with a hint of green.

Rust-Oleum “Light Machine Gray” V2183838… Bar Code 20066 00130
Comes close enough for show-purposes.

Good luck

the colour is a BS colour
I get all my stuff powder coated and there is an exact match in powder coating
The colour is the same as electronics transformers from british electrical communication equipment etc - my original hobby
I note it as Transformer grey or machinery enamel grey

Would this be the same colour that is on the 150 seat frames? I will need to paint my frames so just planning ahead…


Had the same question around 2010. I then finally solved the problem (see pics) but I just checked the colour codes I had in my notes and they apparently no longer exist.

This is what I had in my notes:

  • SNG Barratt aerosol CH2006 (no longer available?)
  • AKZO Colormap 436E3 (had a spray can made with that colour);

In both cases I cannot find any information 10 years later but maybe you can…

Bob K.

certanly same colour as XK150 seat frames and XK120 late 140 and 150 roadster roadster hoodframe

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bob the split pin washer and spring should also be grey ie the whole lot after assembly was painted

Terry, would you have the BS colour reference number? Or failing that, does anyone know which RAL number it is? I’ve looked through the RAL charts and can’t identify which it might be, compared with the flaky scraps of colour still on my seat frames. The small panels on a computer screen are no reliable indicator. Google searches for Transformer grey or machinery enamel grey throw up several different colours.
The seats will be going to the trimmers any day now so I’ll probably have to take an educated guess. Given that (as far as I know) pretty much every XK had seat frames and boot prop in this colour, it would be worth nailing it down properly for the record, I think. I believe some DHCs had the hood frame this grey too, but mine was body colour.

here is a link, this colour is exact
Dulux Powder Coatings Colour | Dulux Powder Coaters

Thanks Terry. Looking at the links and searches, that seems to be an Australia-only colour. I know screens are not reliable on colour shades, but that seems an awful lot darker than the remnants on my seat frames:

I narrowed it down to what I think it might be on the RAL charts:




My feeling is that the last one, RAL7032 pebble grey, is the most likely match for the scraps on my frames. No other RALs look to come close.


I’ve checked my notes collected from other readings, and it seems BS 381 631 Light Grey is often considered a good match for the machine grey that was so ubiquitous in that era. BS 381 694 Dove grey is also considered.

Color can be subjective, but to my eye the green tones are pretty subtle. If it is too obviously green it may not coordinate with different interior color schemes. Personally, I wish Jaguar had just painted them black, but I have a black interior.

Yes, it was used by Chrysler back in the 50’s on the parts of the car not seen; like the trunk, or boot, area. Maybe it was a kind of rust-proofing paint, but they used it for years. There may be a paint-matching chip for that color.

Thanks all, and especially Jeffrey - I usually use paints4u in the UK for my aerosols, and they can mix both BS 381 631 and BS 381 694, so I’ve ordered a can of each to play with.
Dove Grey was a BMC colour from the sixties, but I don’t think it’ll be quite the same as the BS colour. I’ll post my results as it would be good to have something definitive on this, which is relevant to so many XKs. Even if you’re not interested in concours, this is a detail that should be easy to get right - or at least close.


p.s. - I take the point on green shades, Bob, especially as my seats will have dark blue leather. Dark blue and pale green? Er…

I used l68mat. SA053.01

The convertible framework and boot support rod are also painted the same colour, I was going to give you my brand of paint but it seems you have more than enough choices.
The engine support rod was black I believe, not grey.

Morris, The bonnet prop was black, but I think the telescoping boot prop was gray.

Um… 1955 140DHC, so body colour hood frame, with machine grey boot prop. Telescoping boot prop? Don’t have that…

Oops, should have read closer.