Manufacturer's plate on xj40

Hi all!
After another research (Looking for engine number on XJ-40), I am now looking for the manufacturer plate on an xj40 4.0.
It should look like this, right?
I looked on all the doors.
Anybody would know where I can find it please?
Thank you!

Message from Jaguar Italy fyi:
Usually this plate shows the frame in full and the weights of the masses on the axles, it can be found on the upright of the door and is gray-silver, or white, or black.

What is the information you need that appears on the plate? (plate or decal should be on driver’s door frame, low down) It shows trim codes and VIN number AFAIK - the VIN number can also be found looking at a plate at the bottom corner of the windshield.

Oh and it doesn’t really look like your illustrations, it’s smaller, vertical in form and more “modern” in style.

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They didn’t explain why they want it. But they insist.
I found this. I hope it is not what they need…

That torn label with Oxford printed on is not important, it’s only an advertisement for the company that provided that particular part.
The plate ( it’s actually a stick on label) should be at the bottom of the door post, on my car it is on the left hand side but there is a matching position on the right side so it might vary from country to country.

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Once again, a picture is worth a thousand words:

This pic is of a later (1998) model car but gives you an idea of the decal or sticker you are seeking. Your car should have a similar sticker, but as Larry stated it should be on the door post (driver side on my US spec car) rather than the edge of the door.

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