Mark II and Mark I - Many Parts Available

This is Rod Crawford in Michigan - I am getting back into my Jags - XK140 and Series III E Types after about 30 years away doing other things. Back in the late 80’s, for some reason that must have seemed reasonable at the time, I bought and disassembled a fairly complete Mark II parts car and a less complete Mark I parts car. My vague recollection is that a friend and I decided it would be fun to have a parts stand at Carlisle and we needed stuff to take. It was fun, but there were not a lot of Mark II restorers there, as you can easily imagine.

I may have disposed of a few things back then, but still have virtually everything that was salvageable from the Mark II in particular. The photos are only a sample, I have bumpers, seat frames and springs, most trim parts, hoods, trunk lid, most mechanical components, many interior parts, complete instrument cluster, etc, etc. I am happy to dispose of everything except parts that might be crossovers to my XK140’s. The 4 Mark II doors have most if not all interior components but are pretty rusty in the lower sections and the Mark I doors are better, but the interior components are not attached. I have the Mark II engine but it was exposed to the elements while open and is most likely scrapyard material. The transmission is likely okay, but you should assume that all the parts will need TLC or rebuild

If someone is doing a restoration within driving distance you are welcome to come take a look. Otherwise let me know what you need. I have little idea how to fairly price these things but if you took the price I paid for the cars in 1985 adjusted for inflation and then paid me minimum wage for the hours it took they would be pretty expensive. But more seriously, I am happy to help restorers and clear my shop at the same time. For now I am holding onto the rear axle of the Mark II for a friend who might need it. I have not yet researched the extent of any parts crossover to the XK140 and if anyone reading this has any wisdom to share on that subject it would be welcome.

I would be willing to sell pieces for reasonable offers or a bulk sale on the whole thing, but if it was the latter it would be best for you to look and then decide what it was worth to you.

Asking price (if selling): Reasonable offers considered.

Location: Monroe, Michigan

Contact information: Rod Crawford, 734-735-3207 or

Cost of shipping (if selling): TBD if necessary

Willing to ship worldwide? If buyer made arrangements, but only the smaller parts are likely to be worth the shipping cost involved.

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

By using this service you agree to resolve any and all disputes with the other party directly, and to indemnify and hold Jag-lovers harmless from any claims, losses, liability, or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) that arise from your use of Jag-lovers and this service.

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Any latches for the mk2 rear “D” windows? Particularly the right side.


I probably do have them but will have to look in the morning.



This is what I found. Like everything else on these cars they are a bit crusty, but would likely clean up okay.


Thats what I’m looking for. Message me what you need for them.

Does this have an electric tach? Mk1/150 type.

Art - I am not sure. The panel I took a picture of only has oil, fuel, battery and water temp, along with the key and all the control switches. I do not remember seeing a separate tach, but will look when I am back home Thursday.


I think my Rovers have the identical mechanism, and I am willing to source those to for anybody who needs them.

several things if you still have them for a MK2 - trunk lock/latch, Steering wheel with horn push, starter for a manual trans car, center vane for the grill, one headlight rim


I may have at least some of those things, but may not be able to search until next weekend. I will PM you photos of any that I find or let you know if I strike out. My “inventory” is not well organized.

Thanks for inquiring.


Bill if you don’t come up with steering wheel horn push I can help with that.

Thanks Rod - car has been sitting for several years being down in the project list but is now high enough to start digging for parts. A few more weeks aren’t going to hurt anything


I thought I had sent pictures of what I found, but maybe did not. No luck on center vane (the Mark II I tore down was missing that part). I have a Mark I grill that looks to be the same size, but the center vane design is different. Also no luck on starter. Here is what I found (no key found for boot latch):

The latch is a bit crusty but will clean up will. I put the rim on a bucket but would ship without the bucket. The horn button is missing some gold leaf from the back and slightly misshapen at upper left. If you can use some or all of these things, just pay shipping.


Tail/brake light metal housings, left and right? Center license plate/boot lift handle housing? Any condition as long as not cracked, broken, or bent.

I think I have a spare left. Tail/brake housing


Thanks for the inquiry. I will try to take a look later today but am leaving town on business later today so it may be later this week before I can look.


Hi Rodney,
The 2.4 Mk1s were delivered with Solex carburettors. Are they available? I’m looking for a number of small parts like banjos and screws.
Sleeve nuts that held the fuel filter backing plate?
Complete air filter/cleaner?

It was 35 years ago I parted out these cars, but I know I never did one with a 2.4 engine and the ancillaries (like carbs) and do not remember anything that you mention specifically. Sorry I can’t help with that list. I do have a lot of small parts, but they are not well organized.


After a quick search this is what I came up with. They are pitted and need rechroming but appear to not be bent or broken.

Cannot say for sure which car they came from.

Currently restoring a Mark 1, need doors, window glass and window vents. If you would send me a list of what you have in Mark 1 parts or MK2 parts that can be used on the MK1.

Thanks, Julian king