Mark V Saloon 627032

Hi all,

And thanks Rob, I noticed you had already seen this one and commented.

It may of course be the photos etc and lighting, I don’t have a chance to go see this one live, but IMHO it is a very well preserved (of course the original leather can no longer be all saved, but some of it could be) “Pale Blue” and not “Grey”.

I know pretty much all normal folks would call what Jaguar later called “Light Blue” and in the case of early MK VII’s and Xk1230’s and all MKV’s “Pale Blue” except when the same leather and Rexine were being used in the XK120 OTS “two-tone” interior called “Light and Dark Blue”.

I have the original leather swatches and I would say that the interior leather matches Connolly VM.3244 which is “Pale Blue” and not Connolly VM.3230 which is “Grey”.

That “Grey” IMO is much lighter and greenish, but of course this is impossible to make sure without seeing it live or getting a JHT certificate.

Also the exterior colour would be nice to know, sure it can have been repainted, again a JHT certificate would confirm, but I think it may have been Birch Grey / Pale Blue just like my DHC and just like #627015 was originally.

There was no Cotswold Blue available for many years to come.


Hi Pekka, thanks for the correction.
You are quite right of course. I guess I assumed the owner knew what it was, but maybe it has faded.

Both Pale Blue and Grey were offered with five of the exterior colors.

It looked to me like the body color was Birch Grey, but it’s hard to be sure with poor photos.
It’s on facebook marketplace, my brother texted me, so I don’t know how to copy a link.
I hope somebody with a sympathetic view to restoration gets it.

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Sure, and that MKV Saloon for sure was in GOOD COMPANY when found back in 2007!


I mean it is one of the very first LHD MKV Saloons made and it was sitting between a Willow Green Series 2 E-type and a 1930’s Bugatti Type 57 Coupé! :sunglasses:



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The photos in Saloon Data show a “For Sale” sign in some of the recent additions. Any online listing link known?

Facebook Lynchburg Virginia.
That’s all I know.

Showing for sale at with series of photos similar to the saloon.collectordata photos

The Facebook page with the listing in the middle of the second row of offerings was found with search term “jaguar mark v facebook lynchburg va” and selecting the link highlighting Lynchburg but also showing the listing in several of the Facebook location options.

Looks like the car which was “barned” next to the Bugatti some years back. For my tastes the asking price just under $10k is high for what I see in the photos, but other people have different tastes so who knows where sale price will fall.

The value of that makes the Jag a rounding error!!!


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The Jag now available for $10,000 USD. And that is a lot of moolah for some, including me!

But I was just pointing out that that late garage owner for sure had an eye for cool, timeless elegance, style & design. :sunglasses:


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Lost in translation: I wasn’t doubting that $10,000 is a lot of money, and I understood your second point… :slight_smile:

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No problem Paul, and I am quite happy a Mark V is NOT as valuable as a Bugatti Type 57, ’cause if it were, I wouldn’t have one. :+1:


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This is local to me. What “problem areas” should I look for when examining the vehicle? Any tests or mechanical evaluations recommended to avoid big problems? Thanks in advance!

Depends on what you consider a big problem. Almost all problems can be solved, and most have been discussed on this forum.
Big rust holes in the floors and door sills would probably put me off.
Knocking in the lower crankcase, if it runs, means it needs rod bearings. Listen with a mechanic’s stethoscope and you can hear the location of the knocking.
Mark V had two types of Girling brakes and that is an early car so it would have the early type. Probably the master and wheel cylinders will need rebuilding. Steel brake pipes can be replaced with Kunifer pipe as I did, and there are brake hose sources that can make new hoses with the original type end fittings. My source was E.L. Johnston.
New wiring harnesses can be sourced from Rhode Island Wiring as I did.
An upholstery kit is a major expense. I am sort of putting that off until I am done with everything else on mine.
It looks to be in fair condition, and you could probably get it driveable and enjoy it if you didn’t want to start in on a body-off restoration as I am doing.

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I can do wiring and upholstery myself.

How hard is it to get brake rebuild parts?

It is not running. Rod bearings would be a big problem for me, or at least I perceive it that way. Is this encountered often? I’d like it to ultimately be an occasional driver, not long trips.

Any other "oh no! it has ______ ! " to look out for?

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for most parts:
Worcester Classic Spares
SNG Barratt
Moss Motors (XK120 uses a lot of the same parts)

for rod bearings, the rods can be modified to take bearings for XK engines, or you can even use XK rods.

Give us a lot of underneath and dashboard pictures and we can advise you.


I did not know any modification was needed for 3 1/2 Litre. I thought the con rod dimensions were essentially the same, I have mixed Mark V and Mark VII con rods in my engine SL2199 at the moment (there is a long engine rebuild thread here on this forum.)

Some brake parts are hard to find, some are easy, shoes can be relined of course, and also drums and backing plates with hydraulics from MKVII and MKVII are a direct fit and sometimes easily available as some folks like to switch over to disc brakes.

I have currently front bakes on my MKV DHC #647194 from a MK VIII Saloon. hey work really well.

If I bought that car I would get a bucket of neatsfootoil and ahydreous lanolin and try to save as much of that factory original interior as possible. :sunglasses:


Looks like I’m getting this one. I will be back here a LOT for some advice. I took a several year hiatus from talking here, as my XJ-S has been problem free that whole time.

Brakes on the MKV will be will be a fair bit of work I assume. If there are direct replacement parts or slightly-modified parts that are an option, I will greatly appreciate the advice here, and if we can start building a shopping list in advance, that would be great too! Thank you all in advance!


We will all be looking forward to progress reports!

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The Service Manual and Spare Parts Catalogue should be first on your shopping list. Both are available on CD-ROM.

Worcester Spares also has a catalogue for Mark V.
They have repair kits for the early brakes.


I didn’t find a CD service manual. Good source? Thanks for the replies and shared enthusism!

I got mine from the JHT: