MK. X rubber/seals

(OddBrit) #1

In looking for rubber and other seals for my 64 MK X. project. I order a rubber kit for XK’s Unlimited (Moss) and found out after it was delivered that the seals for the front vent windows and the rubber door seals do not come in the kit anymore due to supply issues.

So I’m looking for other sources of these. It anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. If you have the information part numbers for the supplier would be useful too.

Lastly I need information on the inner door seal that appears to be U shaped and goes over the pinch weld seam on the body. Common on most British cars but in variety of materials, cloth, rubber, etc. What is correct on the Mark X. Supplers/part #'s?

Thanks in advance,
Jim Bolinger (Canton, OH)

(tony) #2

a few things…firstly I have a '69 420G

It has been strongly suggested that any MK10/420G front vent seals on the market dont fit

I have recently purchased MK2 items, and look like they will fit, but need 2 sections cut out. Following advice of an expert who has done this. I havent done it yet, happening soon… FYI & your call !

On the door seals…do u want door seals …or seals on body?..door seals can be had on Ebay for $100 a set. They must be cut and glued at 45 degrees

on the u-shaped pinchweld, mine is original

it is very similar to basic rubber u-channel, but has a woven? fabric covering, mine is a bit frayed

here is a pic showing the weave of the fabric

also posted recently on replacing the rubber on widow door wiper rubbersIMG_0442r

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Thanks Tony. I’m looking for the body seal that goes in the c shaped metal channel on the body.

I look into the Mk. II vent window seals.

(tony) #4

I have the rubber-on-body seals to fit…they are really long, over 12ft for one section.
It has 3 or 4 sections,

got mine of a gent had it left over from a resto

I am waiting myself to perform some relatively minor, but tricky c-channel repair, before fitment

as far as I am aware, these items are available from some sources, maybe Baines, try David manners, Barratts, Scotts Old Auto Rubber.

One problem is the person on the other end is not knowing exactly what you are speaking about!

On the MK2 Vent rubber, I expect to have that job done within 3 months, and will post pics on this forum…I may even start a topic with some pics beforehand, have a dismantled MK10 door, and the MK2 seals on hand

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Scotts Old Auto Rubber has the body seals but I’m still trying to track down two other seals:

  1. The seal that goes vertically on the upper parts of the B pillar (in a c-channel on the body). It appears to seal against the chrome window surrounds.

  2. The seal the goes in the chrome window surrounds and seals against the body.

Does anyone know where I can get or can provide a profile from the seal with measurements so I can look for one.

Thanks in advance, Jim

(tony) #6
  1. this one?
  1. is the same profile as the other stuff that goes in the c-channel (I think, all my NOS items are still in a box awaiting fitment

(OddBrit) #7


Was that a question mark because you didn’t understand what seal I’m talking about or that you don’t know where to find.

Thanks, Jim

(tony) #8

The question mark is I am not sure this is the seal you want, as you seemed to be saying it wasnt, in a previous post ?

That part is the “seal on door” (x4) which goes in the chrome channel on the door frame, and seals against the “rubber on body” seal sections . It comes in one long section which must be cut & glued at the corners

I will have a quick look at my B-pillar seals, if I get a chance

(OddBrit) #9


Sorry for the confusion. Scott’s Old Auto Rubber has the door seal that goes on the body. I have that on order. I’m now looking for the one that goes into the outside of the chrome window frames on the door and I would assume seals against the underside of the rain gutters.

I’m wondering if it might be the same one as on an S or E type of the same vintage?

Thanks, Jim

(tony) #10

Do you have the Factory Parts Manual?..You NEED it…mine came on a CD that had parts and service manual for various Saloons $5

It clearly shows the very complex seal arrangement for MKX.

there is virtually no one that knows anything about them, people might give you an answer, but they will probably be making it up as they go along

I am still not sure exactly what you need, pics would be an aid

(tony) #11

I had a look at my car, where the seals are original, except where I have replaced them, which I only did in a few places so far, but I have all the seals I need.

The seal situation is difficult with MKX

will others fit?..maybe, with modifications
Will seals sold as MKX fit?..maybe, maybe not

I will only accept direct personal evidence, or the word of someone that has fitted each individual seal

below are some pic and references to assist you

In brief summary of the “seal-on-body” and “seal-on-door” situation

  1. “seal-on-door”…this goes into a groove in the door chrome top and rear.
    this is the item shown in the Ebay ad. It comes as a length, and must be cut at 45* and glued. I have fitted 1 of 4 so far.

  2. “seal-on-body” this is a 3 or 4 piece unit, that fits into a c-channel on the body,
    one piece goes from rear A-piilar, all around rear roof, c-pillar, and back up rear of b-pillar…is 12ft long

another piece goes from the front of b-pillar, along front door opening

3rd piece is a u channel, which goes over the rain gutter flange which is visible upon opening front door…4th piece is a corner join for above, if none, cut & glue

here is the parts manual i have

example plates

(OddBrit) #12

Thanks Tony. Very helpful as always. Based on your description I’m looking for 1) the “seal on door” and 2) what I thought was a seperate seal going up the middle of the B pillar is actually a continuation of the “seal on body piece”.

I’m got the seal on “seal on body” pieces in hand or on order form Scott’s Old Auto Rubber". Now looking for “seal on door”. I’ll check ebay as you suggested. Where they listed with a Mark X reference?

Thanks again, Jim

(tony) #13

the " that seal on body" goes on the c-channel on body, and comes as a continuous length (from Scotts, and you cut it to fit…2 long pieces + the front drip channel section, which has a different profile.

The “seal on door” is the ebay part I showed, advertised from Jagdaim in Australia, but it can be purchased cheaper in UK I think.

very strange wording in the ebay ad…otherwise it will hurt us both??.. correct Jaguar part num

May Suit: Jaguar Mark10 MK10 420G. Otherwise, it will hurt both of us. Usefull Link. Why Choose Us ?. New Arrivals. Other PN: BD21143/1

these are a length, must be cut in half, but fit correctly

I will be interested how you go with the Scotts Rubber “seal-on-body”

last I heard he was out-of-stock, and its my understanding he makes his own extrusions, which is good, in that he is different to the other suppliers, but bad if he sells out

an issue with MKX seals is that originals were formed as correct fitting pieces (as shown in parts manual). Replacement seals are almost invariable not formed exactly like the originals

(OddBrit) #14

Thanks for the comments Tony. I had an opportunity to inspect the car while I had the diagram you sent from the parts manual. It makes a lot more sense now. It also appears I already had the t “on the door” seal as part of my rubber kit from XK’s Unlimited. The “on the body” seal is on the way from Scott’s. When I ordered earlier this week he had in stock.

Any good tips about installing either of the seals?

I’ll let you knows how I get on.

(tony) #15

The seal on door is fairly easy, however (I) had to cut a 45* mitre to join them on the corner, and this must be done carefully and strong glue.

the body on seal is not overly difficult, however, the following advice.
ALL old hard rubber and dirt must be roved from the c-channel, or the rubber foot will not slide along it…I lubed with rubber grease, and worked the 12ft length along.
I added a small dab of glue in strategic places

On my driver side, I found the c-channel has rusted somewhat, and I am going to repair this before fitting that seal…method, cut the section of c-channel off the body, form a matching profile over a metal form, glue or weld new section of metal

You will be lucky if the lower c-channel sections are not affected, they are a moisture trap.

I will do a pictorial on DS door seals, including qtr vent asap.

have had other things holding me up, such as a major building project, and some turkey smashed my daily driver, and I had to do a lot of work to rectify that

have you done your “door to window sealing rubbers” yet…they stop rain running down the side glass into door cavities?

I did a pictorial on that, my supplier was Scotts rubber, they fit perfect and cost $18 for enough to to all 4

(OddBrit) #16

Working on the car today. It appears the on body seal (goes in C channel on body) stope at the bottom of the front window then starts again near the door sill plate. What goes around the horizontal drain panel above around the door hinges up back to the sill plate where the c channel begins. I think this is the one you are talking about mitering.

(tony) #17

seal on body goes into c-channel, which should be present from A-pillar all around car.

except horizontal rain gutter in front of a-pillar.

This section I am a little unclear about. My kit has a basic U-shaped section that sits over the flange, and no corner piece to join them, so the c-channel section will need to be glued to the u-channel part

Originally, this is a formed one-piece section from Jaguar

afaic, the correct item has not been available for many years

its important though, as water pools there, and runs into the vehicle if the seal is failed.

I believe the seal on body c-channel sections needs 25ft per side

The u-channel about 2ft

(OddBrit) #18

Thanks again Tony. I thiNk I’m finally getting a clear picture of how it goes together.

What year is your car?

(tony) #19

a '69 420G, which is road registered, also have a '66 MKX wreck

the seals are the same

I am probably going to try a generic seal on the front rain gutter, as I am not satisfied with the item supplied

On another note, my doors close & align beautifully, but when you put the new seal on, you have to use much more force, especially at first.

I have my drivers door in bits atm, doing an O/H, but the shell is still on the car, bit tricky getting out

(OddBrit) #20


Got the “on body” door seal from Scott’s over the weekend. Looks well made. I was able to fit the piece that goes above the front door window frame and all around the rear door on one side in a little over a hour. As you mentioned my door also closes well but requires more force to shut.

Made a quick attempt to fit on of the window frame seals and it appears this will be a more difficult seal to fit due to it being constructed out of harder rubber material.

Thanks again for all of your help. - Jim