MK. X rubber/seals

(OddBrit) #1

In looking for rubber and other seals for my 64 MK X. project. I order a rubber kit for XK’s Unlimited (Moss) and found out after it was delivered that the seals for the front vent windows and the rubber door seals do not come in the kit anymore due to supply issues.

So I’m looking for other sources of these. It anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. If you have the information part numbers for the supplier would be useful too.

Lastly I need information on the inner door seal that appears to be U shaped and goes over the pinch weld seam on the body. Common on most British cars but in variety of materials, cloth, rubber, etc. What is correct on the Mark X. Supplers/part #'s?

Thanks in advance,
Jim Bolinger (Canton, OH)

(tony) #2

a few things…firstly I have a '69 420G

It has been strongly suggested that any MK10/420G front vent seals on the market dont fit

I have recently purchased MK2 items, and look like they will fit, but need 2 sections cut out. Following advice of an expert who has done this. I havent done it yet, happening soon… FYI & your call !

On the door seals…do u want door seals …or seals on body?..door seals can be had on Ebay for $100 a set. They must be cut and glued at 45 degrees

on the u-shaped pinchweld, mine is original

it is very similar to basic rubber u-channel, but has a woven? fabric covering, mine is a bit frayed

here is a pic showing the weave of the fabric

also posted recently on replacing the rubber on widow door wiper rubbersIMG_0442r

(OddBrit) #3

Thanks Tony. I’m looking for the body seal that goes in the c shaped metal channel on the body.

I look into the Mk. II vent window seals.

(tony) #4

I have the rubber-on-body seals to fit…they are really long, over 12ft for one section.
It has 3 or 4 sections,

got mine of a gent had it left over from a resto

I am waiting myself to perform some relatively minor, but tricky c-channel repair, before fitment

as far as I am aware, these items are available from some sources, maybe Baines, try David manners, Barratts, Scotts Old Auto Rubber.

One problem is the person on the other end is not knowing exactly what you are speaking about!

On the MK2 Vent rubber, I expect to have that job done within 3 months, and will post pics on this forum…I may even start a topic with some pics beforehand, have a dismantled MK10 door, and the MK2 seals on hand