MKV Sunroof Alignment

Hello again,

I have just refitted my sunroof and reinstated the rear and front seals. This has resulted in the rear of the sunroof sitting lower than the roof line. Is this normal or should the sunroof be inline with the roof line? Would people mind posting photo’s of the sunroofs on their MKV’s, please?

The car is about a week away from being back on the road!



Hi Tim,

Apologies if this is obvious and not what your problem is. The rear of the roof panel only rises to match the main roof height when you turn the handle to lock it. This action pulls metal strips located on each side and at the rear of each strip is a “buckle” that has one side hinged to a fixed point and the other side attached to the pulling strip. When the strips are pulled the “buckles” are rotated and this in turn raises the sliding panel at the rear.


Hello Peter,

With the reinstallation of the front and rear sunroof seals, the rear of the roof no longer matches the line of the roof, even with the roof locked with the handle. I suspect that I will need to ‘tweak’ the roof so that it does. I can’t imagine Sir Bill allowing such an irregularity in the roof line but I am happy to be corrected.


I had a similar problem on my late 1948 MK IV sunroof, but I was informed that the rear risers on either side should have leather strips on top and I discovered the worn out remnants. When I put some thickish leather in place it has correctly lifted the back edge flush with the main roof.

Hello Tim, here are pictures of my Mark V sunroof latched and unlatched. Perspective may give sense of fit you seek. Given the variety of seals front and rear on these sunroofs there is some range of how they fit and look.

Hello Roger and David,

Thank you very much for responding.

Removing a bit of the packing has successfully aligned the rear of the sunroof to the roof line.



After some diversions for SS repairs, and other distractions, not living the dream but dreaming of a life, I am back to working on the Mark V. I wanted to participate in this sunroof discussion, so I put it in today.

I saw the rivets on the rear corners where the leather slides were missing, so I glued on new leather.

It works different from the '38 SS roof. You can see the hooks that lifts it up at the back. They lift it on these ramps.

I figured the front clips ought to have leather as well.

In place, but without any rubber seal as yet.

Open. I was worried it would touch the roof, but no, there is about 1/8" clearance.

Thanks for that Rob. That’s a much simpler system than in the cart spring cars and probably more reliable too.


Yes, very easy, thus my surprise at the difficulty I had with the '38 SS two months ago.

Hi Rob,

I’m still having trouble with the MKV sunroof. It won’t go completely up at the rear.
How do you get the roof out to look at it?


You may have some damage or wear on the hooks that lift up the rear, or the ramps there.
First you turn the handle so the back drops down.
Then unscrew the two clips at the front corners.
Then the front will lift up.
You can then angle it up and pull forward to lift the back out.

The release points may be hidden under the roof lining, so you may need to push through this covering (feel with your finger first):

Then follow Rob’s instruction:

The sliders or leather strips may be worn at the rear. I fitted new thick leather on my sunroof, which then made the rear of the sliding roof lift at the back.

Check the front rain water holes are clear and unblocked when you get the roof out:

Thank you both very much!

I’ll have a look soon, then take and post photo’s too for your thoughts.