MKVII Front Frame Stub with Disc Brakes

I recently cut the entire front stub out from under my '51 MKVII and replaced it with a new front stub with rack and pinion steering , coil springs and shocks. It should be obvious that I am not a purist and don’t wish to have a cluster of replies admonishing me. My purpose for posting is that for about 15 years I have had 11" Cadillac disc brakes on my car. The caliper mounts are custom made and use off the shelf calipers and the disc are stock Cadillac parts. I have no use for this assembly now and thought someone on the J/L site might be interested. Somewhere I have all the part numbers for the disc and calipers but as I mentioned it has been at least 15 yrs since I did the change so I would have to do some searching. I also have a pattern for the caliper mounting brackets. The disc are 5 on 5 like the Jag, the 5 holes just need to be drilled out to 1/2" from 7/16". If anyone is interested I would be glad to mail the part numbers, when I find them and a photo copy of the caliper mount. I am in NC and if someone is interested in the front section they can contact me. The steering box is worn out but all the other parts are fine including the torsion bars. My reason for the change is I got tired of “chasing” the steering.

I’d like to see a photo of the final installation showing how it fit. I always had problems with Mk7 steering boxes being sloppy. Does the coil spring give a different feeling when you drive it? A few years ago I saw a mk9 here in the Greenville SC area that had a similar suspension conversion. Not certain it was a 9, could have been a 7. Are you still using that old primitive Mk7 booster? It was not what was common in later jags like 150/mk9.

The suspension is a unit made by “Fatman Fabrications in Mint Hill, NC, fits MK 7,8,&9. Stumbled across it while on their website looking for something else. Makes the car handle totally different, no crazy torsion bar roll. My car is a Purist Nightmare, 545 cu in Ford, C-6 Trans, 9” Ford Rear, Wilwood double disc master cylinder with 8" double Booster. and 4 wheel 11" vented Cadillac brakes.

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Is your double master cylinder mounted on the frame and pushed by normal brake pedal? What do you use for seats? Is this suspension system something you weld on after cutting the existing frame? Is that double booster free standing or it mounted on the firewall as an assy with master cyl?

The unit is welded in after you cut the original off. The master cylinder is firewall mounted with booster, switched to swing pedals. Seats are 8-way Cadillac.

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I’d also be very interested to see this.

here is the details I think, i have reposted them a couple of times over the years, good job

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I’ve been trying to find a disc I can use with the Volvo ventilated Girling caliper.

I have a set and was toying with fitting them to my Mk2 but ran into a brick wall when looking for a suitably dimensioned disc.