New Member and new owner of 1967 XKE seeking advice

Just acquired my dream car–a 1967 XKE, currently in primrose yellow, one owner with 23K miles and in need of some cosmetic repair. I’m in the central NY state region and looking for experts in my area–suggestions greatly appreciated!


Well, welcome!

You could not have picked a better place to find experts on these cars: they are everywhere on this site! Enjoy the ride and we will all try to help as best we can.

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Mary, When you get time read my long post Lets build a 67 etype…
Many local New York Guys as I rebuilt the car!
Primrose as well…
Anything just PM
Enjoy the ride!

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Wow! One owner, 23k miles is an extreme rarity. Great purchase! Welcome to the forum.

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I can HIGHLY recommend Terry Lippincott in the Reading PA region, super specialist on all things XKE

Lippincott’s Garage
815 Mountain Home Road
Sinking Spring, PA 19608

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Thank you everyone for the great advice!
(You all are much more inviting than the Porsche guys…:slight_smile:


…and our gold chains are more tasteful.



:grin: Way more tasteful.

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Oh my goodness–I could not ever dream of having your skill with this car rebuild, that is amazing, eduactional, and really cool! (responding to j limongelli’s posts)

I am in ZIP Code 14519, would be willing to help you if you’re close enough.


+1 on Lippincotts.


To Bill–I’m 13035 zip, --outside Syracuse–I think pretty close?

We have much prettier engines and are far less pretentious. Welcome, Paul.

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Well, I think mine looks pretty good…

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Porkers have a look, but Id never call them beautiful…:smirk:

Nice Dyson. :grin:

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Well it’s very clean anyway and might leak less oil than my XKs.

Mary, POST some pictures!
Cant wait!

It will take me a bit to figure out how to post pics!


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Congrats Mary. Nice find!
I’m not an expert but have owned and worked on my E for close to 20 years. I will be in Marcellus, NY which is a pleasant half hour ride west on Rt. 20 from Caz. Be happy to take a look at your car from July 1 on.
Finding mechanical repair experts are tough, E type body work is tougher yet. Bill Wyman - do you know anyone in ROC area? I can’t think of anyone I’d trust in SYR.
Lippincott’s is a good one IF you can get booked. Donovan Motorcars in Lenox, Mass also. You are talking big $ restoration shops. These guys won’t slap some bondo in your rocker panels and spray it.
They’ll want to fix it right on their terms. I suppose it depends on your needs.
Dave A.

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