Outlaw XJS opinion

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Um…it’s an XJS hotrod.


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thats what i have called it for years HOT ROD JAGUAR.

few days ago, talkin with a PORSCHE guy just came back from AMELIA ISLAND CONCOURS show Jax FL.
he said they opened a new Class , called OUTLAW PORSCHE, sponsered by Porsche werks reunion!

well in just the second year interest was great, lot of people askin questions and bench racin stuff!

rules were early 356 and early 911s, MUST BE modified ,not stock and boring, even engine converted(like Chevy V8s etc), body work mods, bring it and show it!

so i ask what say for Jaguars, early like 1985 and before!



belive me i have had my XJS to many shows, at a big show in Jax. there were at least 8/9 completly stock beautiful XJS converts and coupes, they put my XJS at the end of the row spaced alone!!

well while sittin around many people walked right past the factory cars , but stopped by mine and stayed for some interest and talk, loved the V12 , some waited till i fired up engine to listen to ALL 12 CYLINDERS exit out ONE big pipe!

today Hot Rod is still kool, but the new word around is OUTLAW!!



the cross brace thru the engine compartment…sweet!
would love to put a strain gauge on it to see the punishment it receives.
the ign wires look familiar :slight_smile:very clean from what the pics can reveal.
very nice sir.

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I may have missed it: whats the back story on this right hooker?

why not…there are plenty of stock or semi stock ones around…many Jags have been modified just to keep going…neat idea

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Obviously, the lumps group needs to be clued in on this. I guess every car over there qualifies as an outlaw.


A member in Canada is currently fabricating this car.


This is a link to his build site (five installments thus far)…outrageous!


Wow. That car looks like it’ll end up about 10,000 pounds.

If I remember correctly he has some weight values posted somewhere in the installments. Not as bad as I initially thought.

good thought about gross weights!

i’m trying to find an accurate weight shop,Austin TX. area.

last time i weighed my XJS roadster , came in at 3375 lbs NO driver, 1/2 tank fuel!

only cost 1997 $5. dollars, these local guys are talking $40/50 bucks now! thats insane?

i dont want to buy the scale itself!


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go to your local sand/gravel supply yard with a 5 gallon bucket. weight your car, go toss a handful of sand in the bucket, get your loaded weight, pay for the handful of sand and leave with your weight slip! take the sand home or leave it in the parking lot.


I enjoy having a scale at work but we only charge $10 for weights and will do axel weights or whatever you need. $50 is obscene

Good GRIEF!!

An amazing fabricator!!

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awwww…that would leave nigel out b/c: <1985.
there isn’t much left control wise…braking…alignment/damping…fuel and coolant mods…transmission modifications that is stock.
and no…no screeching allowed or present. :slight_smile:
really…there are wonderful examples fof these friendly little cars out there to represent history in fine manner. there are a lot of rescue projects also though(like nigel was). where they were made there are those dedicated to the performance aspect of these cars rather than the plushy part. as evidenced by the interweb there are also really detailed examples of these there. here…we tend to be a bit more in between due to the average distances we cover… i am still using nigel not only as a daily driver but also as a test bed for certain types of mods.
i have adapted some of the old school approaches and some of the newer ones also and the end result is a car that,as long as it’s dry, is a blast to drive and comfortable compared to what we older geezers knew as sports cars-and probably still have bruised kidney’s from.
outlaw…still mulling the term over for validity personally. hot rod?..closer but the wrong time frame. restomod? closer still but innaccurate due to it not being a true restoration due to all the modifications. just as these cars are different from the rest so should be the terminology we use for the process involved. when tweaked these do make for some serious fatigue free mile munchers.
any thoughts?


some times when i,m relaxed and talking cars, I called it " AHH, its just an OLD Jag" nothin special!


question for the guys: has anyone on this JL site actually made an honest 400HP at the wheels using a Jaguar V12 engine with no more than 5.3 or 6L’s!

a little late for an update , but should have said NO forced induction, i’m quite sure i could make a forced induction 6.0L make 1000hp , heck made a 1.3L do close to 500HP, Mazda rotary turbo!


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As to 400 horses and the wheels it’s a definite no from me! Lol. I can barely find a set of flat heads in my area that anyone is willing to part with. It’s a pure (tail)pipe dream but I saw a set of manifolds for dual quad carbs on the Jag v12 on eBay, for a brief moment I couldn’t just picture a drag style blower coming out of a huge hole in the hood!

I have nothing but respect for everything I have seen of your car in this thread and others, however, I still feel left wanting for something…to hear it! I bet when your sitting in there with the top down it just roars!

Bradley Smith did using a pair of superchargers.