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I have been a member of the old site since about 2010. When I went to sign in again I wasn’t able to so I created a new account and now I can’t post at all! I would like to respond to a wanted ad and I am unable to do so

Kelly Dietrick

Hi Kelly,

I can’t answer that question without some more context. Please try again and let me know what you clicked when you got the error message, and what the message says.


Also, did you read the “How to Use the Classifieds Category” post? It’s at the top of the list of messages in the Classifieds category.

Here’s the link:

Hi Gunnar. Thanks for answering so quickly. The button is gray and when I hover over it it has a circle with a line through it. I will try again.

Hi How can I inform the forum of my new e-mail address Also I cant find how to edit my classified

Mike Smith

Edit/update email address here:

Edit classified ads here:

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Thanks Mike