Power Steering rack removal

Hey guys
I have a leak from the steering rack area so i tring to remove it and check it out.
I read some topic’s on how to do it but i still can’t reomove it.
Things i done so far…
1.unbolt the 3 bolts connecting the rack to the frame.
2.unbolt the tie rod ends.
3.remove the heat shield.

Things i’m having trouble with:
1.I can’t find the 2 high pressure hoses connection.
2.any more things i need to do ??

Remove the steering column connection to the steering rack tower and the connections for the fluids.

As i said, i cant find those 2 fluids connections…

if its LHD.

you can do this from the top.
remove air filter
Remove the exhaust heat shield (manifold)
remove the heat shield for the rack gaiter
drop the exhaust
remove the heat shield for the steering pipes
remove the exhaust manifold 2 pipes can then be seen on top of the rack
use a crow foot spanner to undo

as you have the rack off the hoses are above. RHD they are below and much easier

hope that helps


What is the best access to this bolt ?
I can see the bolt from the street wheel area but i dont have much room to remove it…

Can you post a picture of the bolt that is causing trouble?
Not being psychic is a bitch :slight_smile:

The bolt i need to loosen is the one connecting the tower to the steering column

Is your car Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive?

Have you downloaded Kirby Palm’s “Experience in a Book” and read the section on “Steering Rack Removal”?


It is LH drive, i read the kirby book but i still dont understand how to pull the rack off the car

So you were unable to access that bolt even after you removed the oil filter?


My memory is foggy on this one, but is there a way to get to the other half of the steering column u-joint from inside the car? It seems like I did something like that but I could be mis-remembering.

I removed and replaced the power steering rack in my wife’s LHD 1990 XJ-S convertible maybe 4 years ago or so. I remember that it was a real PITA job and that I had to remove the oil filter (as mentioned in Kirby’s book) as well as some left side exhaust components. I don’t recall there being any way to access the lower steering column bolt from inside the car.


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I believe there is a way to access the steering column from inside the car, but it won’t help. The Lower steering column pinch bolt must be removed from below the car. It’s a PIA but doable once shields and stuff are removed. It’s been ages since I did this and looking at my website it’s not as detailed as Shahar might like. That said he can look at the following url.


Who you make so much space to access this ???

I do not remember exactly how I was able to access that lower steering column bolt, but I can assure you that I used a lot of inappropriate language when I removed and replaced the leaky power steering rack in my wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible. :wink:

It was among the most difficult jobs I have done on that car, right up there like when I removed and replaced the convertible top. I have removed and replaced a power steering rack in my Series III XJ6s and they were “a walk in the park” compared to the XJ-S because everything is easily accessible in those cars.


Would it be easier to take the engine out? :innocent:

I am certain that removing the engine was one of the many thoughts that ran through my head as I struggled through the steering rack removal and replacement. :wink:

In the end I believe that I had to remove the B bank exhaust manifold heat shield, exhaust manifold, downpipe/front cat, rear cat, and intermediate pipe. :frowning:


So I finally managed to get out of the tower but (!!!) the right tie rod remained stuck ;).
Any Ideas how to get it out without special tools (which I don’t have) ??

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A lot of PB Blaster, and some swift hits from a 5 lb mallet did it for me.

Loosen/remove the nut at the steering arm; place a backup hammer on one side of the steering arm eye and give a hefty whack on the opposite side with a big hammer. It will momentarily deform the taper and the tie rod will pop loose. Do not hit the stud of the tie rod as it will mushroom.

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