Radio Repair Recommendation

Good evening,

Any updated recommendations on Jaguar XJS radio repair specialists or a better source for them than trolling on eBay?

Took a few extra wires out today…

There is that vendor on Ebay that if you send him your classic car radio then he will rebuild it, clean it up, etc. His shop is actually only a few miles from me, too. :cowboy_hat_face: Pretty reasonable on prices, as well … I’ll try to post a link to his site on here now … :+1:

Here it is … his name is Lenny. He had one or two refurbed Jag radios on there (one was out of an XJ8, IIRC) some time ago, but they are gone …


Thank you Paul, I have contacted him to inquire about him working on Jaguar models as most of his store is now Mercedes-Benz related.

Lenny’s technician no longer wants to repair our radios. Anyone wants to sell one in working condition vs guessing on various eBay listings?

So is he saying he no longer wants to work on Jaguar radios ??? I did notice he had quite a tough time selling his rebuilt XJ8 unit, despite what I thought was a very reasonable price for same … :grimacing: I wonder if that had anything to do with his decision … ?

No, he said his technician no longer wanted to work on the one in my 1993 model. He passed after sending him a picture of what I had.

unless you’re trying to keep the car concourse original, I’d get a modern stereo installed. Much much higher quality, and you can get one with a headphone jack or blue tooth capability so you can use your smartphone. Very handy for Google Maps, as well as playing your own music.

I had good luck with La Jolla Audio, in the San Diego, California area when they repaired a vintage radio for my former 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas. This car was a high scoring JCNA Champion Division Concours car so I wanted to keep it original but I also wanted a fully functional AM/FM cassette stereo again after a prior owner installed an aftermarket unit. I purchased a few correct but non-functioning radio units on eBay and Gary at La Jolla Audio was able to produce one perfectly functioning unit out of them for me.
Here is the contact info: La Jolla Audio, 5151 Santa Fe Street, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92109, phone (858) 373-0597.
I have no affiliation with La Jolla Audio other than as a satisfied customer.


Thank you Paul, I will contact him tomorrow. All I really need is for the radio to turn on and put out sound as we have added a SiriusXM transmitter to it and we need to tune it to a specific frequency, no need for controlling cd changer, cassette playing or even (probably, although that could be a concours thing?) antenna going up as Sirius has a small magnetic one which you put on top of trunk, and hide in spare wheel when not needed.

This is what I’m putting in all my customer cars. Looks great, work’s awesome, has full Bluetooth and phone.

VDO Continental TR7412UB-OR European Style 12v Radio Orange Display Bluetooth

And it’s cheap


That brings up another question I have, Gregmatic … I do want to keep the original entertainment system in my car, yet I keep thinking there is some way I can get whatever is playing on my smartphone to play across the car speakers. Otherwise, if I want to hear a specific tune I have to dub it to either a cassette tape or burn to a CD (although Superblue doesn’t have the optional CD player/changer). I’ve been told that is possible, and there are apparently two ways to arrange it: (1) more involved, involves removing the radio and installing something inside it to receive the signals from my cellphone and direct them to the car speakers. (2) the other, very less involved (and therefore cheaper ?): I have been told there is some kind of gizmo that plugs into the cigarette lighter and acts like a wireless receiver for the signal from my cellphone, then somehow retransmits it to the car radio for play on the speakers.

Do either of these systems in fact exist? What are they called, and how much $$ are we talking (and are there any drawbacks to either one?). :confused:

Paul, I have used the second way you describe. About 18 bucks on Amazon. Bluetooth between your phone and the device. The device will send a radio signal that your radio will tune canbto

Thanks Jim … I’ll see what I can find in the way of Ebay for it … :smiley_cat:

Here’s the exact adapter I bought. It works great! ONLY $3.95 with free shipping (for us poor people)!

Does anybody have a list of XJS radio models? Although my car is an XJR-S, it would have had the same radio as a regular XJS and would like to confirm what was correct?

i’ve used this guy with success, but not for a jag radio

Thank you Jay, I have reached out to them.


Well, Jeff responded that he does indeed work on those and he asked for a $40 deposit which I will gladly pay! Will let you all know how it works out.

Glad to hear he can help you!