Really dumb tyre question (opinions welcome)

OK here it is and I’m not offended in anyway.
I have to replace my tyres this summer due to uneven
Wear. Likely an alignment issue.
I always had this thought (don’t ask me why) probably
Had to do with Hot wheels cars as a kid growing up
(There I said it). I run 17” XJR rims on my car from a 1995
Car. I was thinking of going a little lessor low profile and
Installing a set of 235 50 R17’s. But here’s the kicker,
I’ve always toyed with the idea of running a set of redline
Tyres. Have I lost my mind? Would they look stupid?
Or should I just file it as a bad idea.
Like I said earlier I’m not offended in anyway and welcome,
All your opinions.
It’s not the first time I’ve been called an idiot.

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It’s your car. You should do whatever you think is cool. Everyone else can take a flying leap.

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Yeah, your car, your choice. If you really %^& up the balance and handling of the car, you might be able to get it close to right again by simply adjusting tire pressures.

Verrrry 1960s. Maybe a little 1970s, but just a little.

Redlines look sharp on certain cars in certain colors. If look want the retro-look, go for it !

Does somebody actually make redline tires in the size you’re after?


Michelin Redlines have been one of the worst handling tires I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing. I don’t know if they’ve gotten any better in the ensuing years, but 30 years ago, they were awful handling tires.

Ok, here’s a dumb question. What is a redline tire? Something with a super high speed rating? Slick? ?

It’s a tire Michelin has made for years with a thin red line on the outside of the tire. They were big, back in the day, on TR6s.

Not that I’m affiliated in anyway but you can get many tire
Options at Diamond Back.

Ahhh, like old white line tires, but red. If car is red, that would look sweet.

I have to be a little subtle here but I have to replace
these tyres on these rims. I still have my original rims
Which would remain a more traditional look. I thought I would have a chance to have some fun here for the summer.
Would really only want a pinstripe redline not too bold.

Ve haff vays…:grimacing:

As you already know, your rim selection qualifies for the minimum requirement needed for entry into the performance tire category. The question that I would ask myself is: Is there anything other than your own perceived vanity that makes downgrading the handling performance of your car worth it? I would think that if the car isn’t driven in excess of 100km/h, gets very little use, and is only used for driving Miss Daisy, then wheel size, and tire choices are of little consequence.

If the car has a red interior it might look sweet.

If the car has a red pinstripe, that might look sweet.

And if the car was red with a red interior and and a red pinstripe, it would look like a candy…!

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I remember the red lines… but I liked white better because it worked with all cars… I also remember that some tires had a thin coating of black over the white area and then seen a special grinding device that would"polish" off the black to expose the whitewall… weird things

Well a couple of good points here. Vanity probably is a big thing
otherwise why even bother with a Jaguar or a V-12.
Might as well rush out and buy a Corolla.
That all being said 100 kph is only 62 MPH in these parts
Going down HWY 2 to Calgary you’d be in the slow lane
Not even making speed limit. Or worse case scenario going
through the Coquihalla in BC she stays at 140 Kph all day.
That all being said miss Daisy around town.
To sum up I think I’m staying with the same size rims and
A new set of Continental tires (minus red line’s).
I’ll stick with the Solent Blue and won’t be painting the car
Red or getting a red leather interior anytime soon , not
For this car (maybe on a Corvette though)
I thought it would be great to tke an informal JL’s survey,
On redline tyres. I received a lot less pushback than I
expected though.

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I remember in the late 60s thereabouts there was tire(s) that had two thin white stripes about 5/8 inch wide each. Soaced about an inch apart. I thought they looked nice.

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You are able to run 17" tires on a pre-facelift ??? :open_mouth:

Can’t look any worse than a pic I recently saw of an XJS that had whitewalls on it … wth??? :face_vomiting:

“coach lines”, Palmdude, “coach lines” … :laughing: