Recall: Jack stands

Something else to cause a bit of bother:

You beat me to the post. I have two of these that I carry on the OIL LEAK that I have never used.
They are very small and easy to pack. All my other jack stands have a back-up safety key/pin that can not fail. These have no such device.

Huge discussion of these things, with photos:

Make sure to follow along through multiple pages.

I have a set of jack stands that look exactly like the recalled ones, but mine are called MVP Superlift SS-3533WM. Apparently not recalled. That discussion linked above seemed to put a lot of stock in the depth of the teeth on the saddle, but honestly I couldn’t see much difference. One photo of a Pittsburgh seems to show a pawl with a really rounded tooth, and I agree that’d be a concern. Mine has a reasonably crisp tooth. I guess I’m not terribly concerned, because applying my own judgement here my jack stands appear very secure to me.

In following that discussion, I saw in a pic a tang that you’re supposed to bend to secure the saddle to the base – I guess after you buy it and assemble it. My stands have that tang, but no label or instructions so I never noticed it. I am opting to not bend that tang so that I can pull the saddle back out whenever I choose to so I can inspect the pawl. I have no concern that the saddle might accidentally get separated from the base.

There is already another thread on this recall: HF Jack Stand Recall

I lije this one comment…

“I have the 3ton ones. Luckily I cheaped out. But makes me think I shouldn’t cheap out on safety gear.”


Is there a way to combine threads? And to disseminate them among all jag-lovers, not just the E-type forum?

Waaaay back in the day, Consumer Reports did a comparison test on jack stands. Among their findings was that about half of the jack stands tested came with a warning label to never get under a car supported by these stands. They were consulting their attorneys on the validity of a disclaimer to never use a product for its sole intended purpose in avoiding lawsuits, but I dunno what became of that.

When I was a youngster, about 1964 or so, my dad had recently retired from a career in the Navy and was studying to become a political science professor. He had a professor that inspired him greatly, the kind of joy and excitement you love to see kindled in a student. That professor was later killed when his Jaguar E-type fell on him. I didn’t think my dad would ever stop crying.

So, if I don’t have those two numbers of HF 6 ton stands? We’re ok?

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Apparently so. …………………

I have a few recalled ones and a few ‘good’ ones. There is a notable difference in the way the pawl engages the teeth… it’s quite a bit easier to disengage the pawl on the affected models.

The teeth are just a bit shallower. Under load I can’t see how they could slip, but it is conceivable that if bumped with a sneaker or elbow good and hard it could be made to disengage.

Would you mind posting a comparison pic?

I have some HF jack stands, but since they live outside, the labels have either fallen off, or faded away.

I can’t recall EVER using jack stands, or a jack…without solid WOOD (not particle or ply) block supports as well. Lesson from Dad. Nick

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I’d like to but my 3 ‘good’ ones are defying gravity and none of the teeth are showing. I recall seeing a photo of a magic marker on the pawl to show how small the contact area was, either on-line of Face Book.

I saw this on Facebook this morning and sure enough, the front of my car is currently sitting on two of the recalled jack stands. I’ve got another two that are new in the box. Guess I’ll be taking them back to HF.

the one on the right was the recalled number.

Of course I had them under the car. Two good two bad and of course one bad at each end, so I had to put the car on 4 different stands.

One on the right is the recalled number.

These are the 6 ton.

Careful when you go back the recall is for the “current shelf price” which is $49.95 or so. They gave me the “last sale price” on a gift card and then they could not change the price, so I have 2 gift cards totalling the correct price. Don’t let yourself be cheated.


Those look exactly the same to me. Perhaps the difference is in the pawl. There’s a pic somewhere that shows the tooth end of the pawl being quite rounded. I’d want it crisp and sharp to fully engage the teeth on that cast iron saddle.

the “teeth” o n the right seemed less deep to me.

I’m a little confused. The “one on the right” in which photo? The last photo is flipped versus the other two.

So, is the recalled jack stand the one with the shinier paint on the black part?