Replacing the Battery in an Aston Martin

As some on this list knows I sold my XJ-S a number of years ago due to my failing health. Subsequently I purchased a 2007 Aston Martin Vantage. Against all my precautions I was forced to replace the battery. I realize this is a Jaguar list but we all love cars and some might appreciate the massive effort involved.

For those interested I have documented the process in the link below.


That was quite the adventure. Any idea what the dealer charges ?
Wonder what their flat rate is.

Thanks Bernard - Good read!
“…sharp edges attract leather…” :rofl:

I swear on some of these cars the engineers stand around reviewing the finished design, and someone says “Excellent work team. Now, how can we make it more complicated?”

While I sympathize with your desire to take it to the dealer, I seriously doubt they would take the care you did on the job.

Glad you are back on the road!

Yeah but its a GREAT BULLET PROOF CAR!!!
I bet your health turned for the better after you drive it! :wink:

And we thought Jags were difficult to work on! Great write up though, you sure made me laugh.

the best of English engineering, makes one wonder?

Wow. Well, scratch AM off my dream list.

I probably would have just sawed those two sliding brackets into four pieces. Or just thrown them away; you already have a strap securing the battery, why do you need the brackets?

One thing’s for sure: I would IMMEDIATELY add a charging post to the exterior of the car, probably underneath the front end somewhere.


What was the brand of the “melted” battery maintainer?

Thank you Bernard for I have uttered the words previously unsaid, “That’s easier to do on an XJS.”


Porsche has some bad cars too where you can’t get to the battery without power, and you work around that using some fuse in what could be the b pillar to power the car externally… but this bad? Count me out. I‘d have sawed the entire car in two.
Good job well done though.


That is simply insane.

Not you doing it, mind you…:wink:

It seems to me that some cars are designed specifically assuming that the owner’s never work on their cars themselves but that they only bring it to the dealership or they have “their people” to take care of it.

It also seems to me that over the years more cars are being designed that way. That is not to say that working on my four Jaguars isn’t a challenge sometimes, but those challenges are usually something that a DIY hobbyist like me can reasonably handle with occassional help of Jag-lovers.


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Nice writeup. Brings back fond memories as I also have a 2007 Vantage and had to replace the battery a couple of years ago. I used a Interstate AGM battery so the vent was not required. The car also had the original battery which lasted 10 years. The new one was an exact fit and as such, the sliding brackets did not need to be removed but just slid to the side as designed. Looks like yours had already been replaced in the past. I also modified the fiber panel but just used some snips. As it is hidden and does not show, I am the only one that knows. The positive box in the engine compartment is heavy cable to the positive of the car. Ground anywhere solid metal is and with a jumper box, you can work your windows or even start the car. I don’t recall the job taking more than an hour. The V12 Vanquish (early 2000 range) is a real bear to change the battery. But as a degree of difficulty, try installing a fan shroud on a MK2 Jaguar. This now holds the record of PITA jobs in my book.

Dick, I didn’t know you were in the club?
We are having the 50 AMOC at Limerock in June, you coming!
The Vantage is a BULLET PROOF car that you can enjoy for 250,000 miles and beyond

Hi Joey, not in AMOC as there is nothing going on in the SE area. We have tried to get a few things going but without success. I have 3 customers with Aston Martins and only one is the club type. I will check out the 50 AMOC. I did not know about it.

I agree, Its a quiet group .
The 50th at limerock we are looking at 125 cars for a 4 day event .
Take a peekaboo……
It is really the only event in the states for the entire year.
Other than a couple of BBQ’s in my back yard. :slight_smile:gtjoey1314
I’m bringing this…

Upon closer inspection of the photos, I see both your old battery and your new battery have built-in handles for easy lifting!

The one thing I wish had been included in that writeup was a photo of the battery tray with the battery removed. I can’t help but think we’re missing something. Are you sure the clamps weren’t supposed to be slid off to the right? There’s evidently a panel there, but can it be removed? Or is the presumption that loosening the setscrews is supposed to allow the clamps to rock far enough to lift the battery out without sliding them at all?

The battery is flush up against an interior body structure on the rift side. The clamps have to some off by sliding them to the left. Some have left the clamps off in disgust. As you noted there is a perfectly adequate strap the holds the battery.