S3 E-Type Rear Automatic Transmission Mount

Looking for some experienced advice on the assembly of the rear engine/transmission mount for a 1971 S3 2+2. Disassembled the mount and no bushing existed, ordered it, new spring, new spring buffers. The question I have is in regards to the image I have attached. Item 2 are steel bushings that were between the mount plate and the frame, is that the correct position for those? Does the center rubber buffer mount in the mount plate so there is a rubber lip both below and above the hole in the mount plate or does it ride on top of it? My guess at the order of assembly is:
-Item 6 contacts the transmission and is held in place by item 14

  • Followed by item 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and item 15 is seated into item 6 and held in place
    -Assuming item 16 is mounted in the center hole of item 1, item 1 is bolted to the frame with item 2 between item 1 and the frame.
    Sorry about all the reference to items in the picture, but to name each piece seemed overkill. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi…have a look here it may help… http://forum.etypeuk.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=14440 https://www.scparts.co.uk/sc_en/british-cars/jaguar/jaguar-e-type-v12-series-3-1971-1974/gearbox/gearbox-moumting.html

Thanks for the info, still looking on how to install the center buffer (item 16). Spoke to both Terry’s and XKs and the folks I spoke to had not rebuilt the rear mount. Thanks.

Pretty sure it fits inside of part #1

Thanks. Put it all back together and still not happy with the way the lower washer sits, but it will do. Tech manual calls out a C.19988 (YELLOW) for an automatic. Terry’s Jag replacement spring is CCC6759 and it is about 0.25 inches shorter in height, that is probably why I have the gap between the washer and the rubber center buffer. Thanks all.

Thanks to everyone who supports the forum. I’m in New Zealand and assembling my Manual Series 3 after a few years. I have a similar problem… has anyone got any ideas / technique on how to fit the rubber C30159 inside the mounting plate , I’m in danger of tearing it using brute force…and a vice…
Many thanks

Hi Paul,
Pretty sure I just lubed the heck out of it and forced it in with the vice. It’s been long enough ago that I can’t recall for sure, but it wasn’t something that seems to have stuck in my memory and I think it would have if it had been a PITA.

, will give that another go.

Paul, Yes that is how I did it, using my press and some Versilube Silicone Compound spread liberally. Regards

These may help…

Basic Mount Sequence 1 without upper/lower bushings and spring

Mount Sequence 2

Basic install sequence without spring installed
Tube used to compress mount to install mount bolts

After Mount bolted in place install washer and locknut

Make sure you use the correct spring. Auto and Manual springs different.

Photo’s previously posted, not sure where from or by whom, but detail proper sequence in refitting.

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Great pictures, wish I had seen this several years ago. Was always messing up how this mount should work. Workshop diagram is not very helpful. JS

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Hi Jeff,
I, too, always longed for such pictures. I found these posted some time ago and copied for future reference. I agree, the Jaguar Parts Manual(s), while providing much detail, have shortcomings that confuse the best of us. The assembly of this mount being one of the best!!! Now you Know!!! My thanks are to the person who originally took and posted to the Internet the mount pictures.
Working with some great Electronic Engineers analyzing the old Smiths SR/D-380 gauge tester. I have 5 originals and they’re all now “paper weights”. All are WAY out of tolerance for calibration use so I’ve embarked on designing/building a more modern set. More to come later.

Stay safe and Enjoy,

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Hi Dick
Glad the pictures I posted back in 2018 are proving useful. The original post was here https://forums.jag-lovers.com/t/series-3-automatic-rear-engine-mount/365172 and there was further discussion and clarification on the UK forum in 2019 here http://forum.etypeuk.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=14374&p=117092&hilit=gearbox#p117092

Hi Bob,
Thanks for the message. When I downloaded the images I failed to make reference(s) and couldn’t give the credit they deserve. One of the most helpful image sequences explaining the Jaguar Parts manual image. Thanks again for posting.

Happy Trails,


P.S. I’ll make note of the source… Ha Ha

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