Series 1 windshield problem

I just had a new windshield installed in my '64 OTS. It’s from SNG and made by Pilkinton. The upper corners are so rounded off that when I fit the chrome strip over the top edge of the windshield there is a gap at each corner. If the corners had been more “square”, the windshield would have been a perfect fit.
Has anyone had a similar problem?

I recently purchased and installed a SNG Pilkington windshield for my S1 2+2. I had nothing even remotely like you describe. I know the patterns for these windshields have been established for years. I would guess either you happened to get one that was mis-manufactured or your car has something unusual going on with it. Pictures would help.

Difficult to see, but there is a bit of light visible in the corner.

Kind of looks like the windshield is not tall enough. I’m guessing the opening for windshield is a little off. These cars were practically hand-built and each one is a little different. Just wondered if anyone else with a convertible had encountered this.

I’ll admit I’ve never done an OTS but if that is the edge of the glass I’m seeing, where is the black gasket?

Haven’t put it on yet, but since the gasket shouldn’t come any lower than the chrome strip, I don’t think it will adequately seal the car. Just called the guy who helped install the windshield. We’re going to use a new windshield seal and not quite push the seal and windshield all the way down on the cowl. I should gain 1/8" in height by doing that. The caulk will fill the gap inside the seal. :crossed_fingers:

Have you tried pulling the screen up? Sometimes it sits too low in the seal channel. You can just haul it up and lock it, or you could snip out some strips of rubber and lay them in the bottom of the seal channel before inserting the screen.

In your photo, even the top of the arc which is presumably the top edge of the glass looks like it’s barely engaged with the chrome top strip…assuming the pillar cap and strip are fully down.

I had a similar issue many years ago, though not so pronounced that you could see daylight under the chrome trim piece (make sure you have the chrome windshield post cap fully seated). I solved the problem by sanding the top corner edge of the windshield to give the surface some bite, taping plastic sheet to the glass front and back and filling the resulting channel with epoxy. That was 37 years ago. Still good.

Just cut a couple of strips from an old inner tube. Going to lay those inside the seal. Also, the new seal which I got from a different source is a little thicker, which should help the windshield sitter highter.

Thanks all for your suggestions!

interesting problem. Keep us informed and with more pics.

Good luck

Hi Bill,
I put a strip of innertube material in the windshield groove of the seal, and pushed the seal onto the pinch weld (I think that’s what it’s called) about 80% of the way. I think I’m ok now. I used butyl rubber to caulk it.

I’ve now had the windshield in and out 3 times. If I push the windshield all the way up into the chrome strip and seal (which is necessary because the top center latch needs to be firmly clamped down), less than 1/8" of glass is in the seal at the bottom. I don’t think this is safe. If anyone has an OTS original windshield out of their car, I would love to know the height at the center.


Just measured the original screen out of my 61 ots … overall depth at centre 405mm and from the gasket mark at top and bottom about 8-10mm each
Hope this helps

i’ve installed several and never had anything like you describe. IT WILL ALWAYS LEAK! RETURN IT AS A MANUFACTURING DEFECT

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That’s going to help. The car is in Chicago getting the interior installed. As soon as I bring it home I’ll measure.

Try splitting the difference by pulling the seal up a bit off the pinch weld. By the time you get the locking strip in it will firm up considerably. I think a more useful guide than an original screen measurement would be comparisons to other new Pilkington screens. If yours is the same as them then it’s as good as it gets.

We already know they aren’t the same as the originals, sad but true. Over the years they’ve gotten shorter and wider. Some are so out of spec that they can’t possibly be installed and they’re trash. I got one like that and it’s in a landfill.

The Pilkington UK replacement windscreens are only 398mm. I called SNG to have them measure one on their shelf (in case the one I got was an oddball). They are all the same. Not sure where to go from here. I want an original type Triplex windscreen. I suppose I could have a custom seal made, but that would probably cost a fortune.

Hi Danny,

Have you re-installed the windscreen that you measured for me?


No that car isn’t in a state for windscreen reinstall….sorry Aj …… but I do know it’s the original screen …… have you tried fitting yours again?

Just a thought what about an after market one …… I have seen one go in fits like a glove

I just received the latest Welsh Enterprises flyer today and they list genuine Triplex E-type windscreens for sale.

They also have the door glass - I’m thinking about ordering one. When I replaced my rightside door glass last year, the SNG Barratt sourced one measured thinner than the type originally on my car (compared it to the left side Triplex glass.)

It still worked fine though - actually maybe all for the best, because the window regulator channel I ordered from Moss was too narrow and I had to spend a hour or so filing the channel open wider so the glass would fit. Thankfully the channel part of it was made of brass…