SIII Fan & Fan clutch removal

(Paul Cosgrove) #1

So, I’ve had a good read through the archives, there’s a lot of good info there, but nobody has addressed how to separate the fan clutch from the pulley once the four nuts are loosened. There’s very little room to get leverage in there, and no matter what I’ve tried, it wont budge free. I sprayed it with some PB Blaster and am letting it sit overnight; but if anyone has any suggestions as to how to pry the clutch hub away from the pulley it would be much appreciated!

(Paul M. Novak) #2

I have removed and replaced the cooling fan on my two XJ6s, and two V12 cars and never had any problems separating the fan clutch from the pulley. Getting the nuts and washers off and on again can be tricky without losing them but my fan clutches always separated easily from the pulleys after the four nuts were loosened up.

Maybe it will loosen up after the soaking. If not, perhaps some gentle tapping with a hammer might be in order?


(Paul Cosgrove) #3

I tried the gentle tapping with a hammer to no avail. It was actually very gentle as there’s no room to get any swing in there. I’ll give it another go tomorrow. Thanks.

(Frank Andersen) #4

The four bolt holds the fan to the torquatrol unit - but the cntre bolt holds the torquatrol to the spindle…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Paul Cosgrove) #5


My car is an S3, it does not have the single center bolt like the earlier cars. I have 4 studs coming from the front of the water pump pulley that the fan clutch hub slides onto, and is secured with 4 nuts. The fan is attached to the clutch with 4 bolts. I have loosened the 4 nuts holding the hub to the pulley, but can’t seem to get it to separate.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #6

I don’t think Frank is talking about a bolt, but a nipple for lack of a better word. I’ve removed several fan assemblies from my Series III’s. they get stuck on the water pump (again) nipple.
Do the bolts wiggle? If memory serves me, the fan is held on with nuts and bolts rather than threaded studs. I could be way off base because it’s been several years since I’ve removed a fan; and there are times I can barely remember the night before (usually that’s a good thing).

I do remember the same dilemma you’re facing now. I think I just wiggled it back and forth; towards and away from the radiator (not side to side) until the assembly finally relinquished it’s position. Now getting the dislodged fan out of the engine compartment was another PITA. Naturally I take the least amount of parts off in an attempt to cut down on the time it takes to replace a part; but really it’s to make my life removing and replacing the defective part a lot harder.

It’s late here; but in the morning I’ll poke my head under the bonnet to see if I have any epiphanies.


(Paul Cosgrove) #7

Here is a photo of my dilemma. The nuts are backed off as far as I can get them at this point. That hub won’t budge away from the pulley.

(Paul M. Novak) #8

Try putting the blade of a thin flat head screwdriver between the two surfaces and tapping lightly on the handle of the screwdriver to separate them. If you have backed off all four nuts there can be nothing holding those two surfaces together other than corrosion.


(Paul Cosgrove) #9

That was my assumption, but I wanted to verify I wasn’t missing anything first. I tried tapping it with a wooden dowel and hammer today with no luck. I guess trying to wedge a screwdriver or something in there will be the next option. I did hit it with PB Blaster again for good measure.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #10


I’ve looked at your photo, and I’m thinking if you tighten up the nuts just a bit so they aren’t pressed clutch. This will give it some wiggle room. What I see going on here is that you’ve got the nuts pressing the clutch onto the just pressed the fan and clutch. I remem Whber running into the same issue I couldn’t get the nuts off, I tightened the nuts up just a bit to make some wiggle room, then once I got a bit of space I could get the nuts off and the fan / clutch. What’s you’ve got going on now is the nuts are pressing on the fan that is causing it to bind. That’s why It’s not coming off.

Hope this helps,


(Paul Cosgrove) #11

Mark, i’ll give that a try, although it shouldn’t make a difference as i’m removing the fan and clutch as an assembly, so i’m actually pushing on the fan (towards the radiator) to try and free the clutch hub from the pulley.
Will be a few days till I can try anything now as i’m at work for the next 4 nights.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #12

It’s a tight fit on the “nipple” or pin that is under the flange where it all bolts together. And I’m seeing the pressure isn’t equal across all 4 nuts so the pressure is cock’eyed causing it to bind.

If I remember correctly, it was a whole lot of fiddley nonsense. Loosen the nuts just a bit, then get the fan to wiggle, then slide the fan closer to the nuts, then wiggle a bit more, then move the fan, then loosen a litte more, then loosen. I think you get the picture. Then you can get the nuts off.

(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #13

I also remember, once I got a little bit of fore and aft movement, I put a small wedge such as a screw driver blade to maintain the space then kept wiggling it. once it wiggled loose enough to get close to the nuts.

Oh, and one more thing. You’re gonna have unfasten the fan shroud and take the top belts off too. With those bits in place you’re the fan won’t fit coming out the top. I ended up removing the top plate holding the radiator so I could tilt the radiator forward enough to get the fan out. There’s enough hose flex so you don’t have to drain the coolant. It’s a tight fit and took me the better half of a summers eve to get the fan out once it was off the water pump.

For what ever it’s worth.


(Frank Andersen) #14

I was a bit bewildered myself by the belt still attached, Mark. I always consider removing the belt the first step when working on any belt operated item…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Paul Cosgrove) #15

It may become necessary to remove the belt in order to get the fan out, however it certainly isn’t necessary to get to the clutch attachment nuts. I’ve already loosened the fan cowl. I’ll be replacing all the belts anyway, so will be removing it anyway. At this point the belts have been slackened so I can turn the pump pulley, but I haven’t had the need to remove them yet.
Not sure about the nipple you’re speaking of, I haven’t seen mention of it in any of the literature. Are you saying there’s a pin protruding from the face of the water pump pulley that mates with a depression in the back of the clutch hub?

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #16

Well, take these comments for what they are worth.
I’ve only removed one jaguar fan and clutch assembly. And it was in the car sans radiator.

  1. Ditto : I cannot imagine trying to remove any pulley from any critter with the belt on. the latest, my two Troy Bilt chipper shredders. And, indeed the same tight space situation exists!!!

  2. I recall a center post that fits in a hole in the fan hub. Needed to assure both are on center.
    The bolts alone not adequate to center the two together. Much like a road wheel on a hub. Each subject to corrosion that makes taking apart at times a task.

  3. The picture tells a lot. And more than I wrote of in 2. The hub is cocked on that post. That adds to The resistance. As straight as possible, a spatula or similar tool to edge the fan hub away from the pulley. doing that would be far easier if the belt were removed. t

  4. I don’t think t has to be but, if needed, cut the belt…
    Best of luck…

(Paul Cosgrove) #17

I honestly don’t see how the belt is in the way. I’m not trying to remove the pulley from the water pump, i’m just trying to separate the fan clutch hub from the front of the pulley. The belt has nothing to do with that. If it’s in the way when I try to remove the fan from the engine compartment, then I’ll take it off. I figured it would be easier to pop all the belts off after the fan was out of the way?
Still haven’t had a chance to go out and try again, busy with the work week right now.

(Paul Cosgrove) #18

I just re-read your post and noted you say the hub is cocked? Where are you seeing that? If you look at the stainless disc (which is the hub flange) it is perfectly flat against the black water pump pulley. If it was cocked there would be a small gap somewhere between their mating surfaces and I would be able to slip a screwdriver or something in there and pry on it.
Sorry if i’m misunderstanding, but i’m getting a little confused now.

(Paul Cosgrove) #19

So, just looked over the replacement clutch, and I see there is a sizable “hole” in the center of the hub. I’m guessing the pin/nipple that’s been mentioned protrudes from the water pump and fits snugly into this? Might explain the difficulty i’m having if it’s corroded/ seized in there.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #20


Buena fortuna !!!