So I want to try a 5 speed manual, but I don't want to spend $5-7000 on a kit. What are my options?

So I have a 75 XJ12C and a 90 XJ12 that’s making its way from Canada to Texas. I want to swap in a 5 speed manual in one of these cars but I don’t want to spend $5-7k on a kit. I’m in the US where T5 transmissions should be readily available used.

What are my options?

Mustang V8 GT T5, 2.95:1 1st. Replace rear housing with one from a S10 Chev T5 to move shifter to “right” position. Rebuild trans, adding cluster reinforcing plate available on eBay for about $75…

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Thank you, I think this will get me started as adaptor plates and pedal boxes are available.

I put the 700 r in my Mark 2
It converts the car to a WONDERFUL long term driver
But I’m old

Thanks, I have a 700R4 in the on that I want to convert to a 5 speed, the 75 12C

Ok Superman😀
Send pics when converted!

For an idea or two. Go to You tube. Johnathan Winans. Two truck operator by trade. Fabricator from junk as a past time. Adapted 5 speeds t two old engines. Buick Straight 8. Cadillac flat head V8. Principles seem to be transferable /

Somewhere , on J-L, I think, I read that the auto pedal box could be drilled for the added pedal !!1

Thanks, pedal boxes etc are not a problem as they are available. I just don’t want to drop $3500 on a new TKO trans when there are used T5’s available everywhere

This is a “Button” Flywheel I make to be used with the original flex plateJAGUAR FLYWHEEL-2


I don’t know about the XJS so much but Brown’s Lane didn’t do sedans/coupes with a manual in LHD because there was no room for the pedal box. I briefly drove a manual XJS 6 here and it was pretty tight with the extra pedal even in RHD. Are there successful conversions over there?

They made the Series 1 to 3 in manual LHD version.

I didn’t know that. Thanks for the correction. I read a history of Jags in the U. S. years ago that mentioned no manual XJays but obviously I misremember the text.

Thanks. Where are you located?

FYI, I owned a 6 cylinder XJ-SC with a 5 speed. It was a project car and as sloppy as the shifter was. It was a delight!

I’m in Australia, specialize in converting factory V12’s 5.3 to 6.0, 6.0 to 6.7, and the ultimate, a 7.5 Litre

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If you have a website, I’d love to see it

Sorry, no web site.


Share the details bro…

Wow, never new that you made a flywheel to adapt onto the flex plate, Awesome :sunglasses:

Not to divert from the thread Norman but, are you aware of any such clutch pedal box that can be fitted to the 94 XJ81 which would include a master cylinder to can hook up to the ABS brake lines?

XJ40’s were available with a 5 speed in the UK

The parts manual says that 94 XJ12 had one but I’ve never seen one and don’t know of any that exist.