Source for good sump return hose

Has anyone found a good source for 5/8" return oil hose? I’ve already done the return fitting mod so both ends are 5/8. I tried NAPA and was given a part number for EDPM cooling hose despite telling him it must be oil resistant Nitrile. The ideal hose would be something like 5/8 Nitrile with a weather resistant jacket like Neoprene.

The usuals of course sell hose for this but it’s a dollar an inch and it seems to degrade very quickly probably because it’s unjacketed.

I think I found it. I’d guess either of these would work

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If you haven’t done the retrofit that Erica has to get both ends to 5/8", a trick the boys have taught me is to put a piece of clear PVC hose on the sump pipe which is the thinner one. This needs to be a snug fit on that pipe.

Then you slide the normal hose over the top of it and clamp it down. It acts like a sleeve to bring the lower pipe up to the same diameter as the top pipe on the filter housing and is very effective at stopping the annoying leak from the bottom end of the hose.

Yes, it’s the best strategy. I’ve done this, but I used 1/2" ID 5/8" OD copper plumbing pipe brazed over the fitting. It’s a pretty permanent mod but no reason it shouldn’t be permanent as it should never have to be removed for any reason.

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Actually,the best strategy may have been to contact your namesake Angus Moss, who has had a batch of asymmetric hoses made. Google Econic or Moss Jaguar

Eh I went with an asymm once. I kind of like the idea of a straight hose that can be sourced over the counter in the event of failure. It wasn’t hard to modify and looks stock.

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I went by a truck repair facility, the kind that maintains 18 wheelers. They stock a heavy duty oil resistant hose.

Erica, I second the advice from John. Take your old hose to an industrial supply outlet and tell them the application and they should be able to supply you with a quality hose. The ones from napa being hydraulic hoses are likely very stiff and possibly even steel reinforced.

As Pete said Angus Moss decided to address the problem all 6 cylinder owners face with oil dripping from the hose connecting the sump to the oil cleaner. The issue has always been that the outlets on these parts are of different diameters yet the the hose #C15949 is linear with the same diameter along its length - so tight on one end loose on the other! And no matter how much you tighten up the clips there always seems to be a leak. The solution is to have a tapered hose, in this case manufactured from cotton reinforced silicone which should outlast most owners:

Angus reports that after fitting one to his car he has not had even a single drip of oil from either pipe after 1,200 miles of high speed motoring! They are available from Moss Jaguar.

You can try all the home brew/truck/NAPA versions you want but they will all leak. I am convinced Jaguar specified a tapered hose but it is no longer available.


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Mine hasn’t leaked in 5,000 miles of usage.

You do realise what will happen that now you have said that … :smile:

Though the truly committed (or should be committed) may want a stripe:

I think that was simply fuel line which I thought would also be oil resistant. No leak or other issue after 4 years.

Like many, the fitting was modified to a matching diameter:

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Yellow stripe = brake fluid
White stripe = coolant


Interesting. The hose I removed looked like it might have been white at some point but aged to something like ecru. It was of uneven diameter so I thought it was made for the task.

I bought a tapered hose from XK’s. I hope I get to start the engine some day


Classic Jaguar sell a dual diameter formed silicone hose in discreet black.

New vs. old. Just replaced after reading this thread. Had to cut off the old one. New one seemed to be a perfect fit and much more flexible. No discernible leak after a test 15 minute run. Team CJ from texas silicone replacement.

I made the mod to the sump pipe by brazing a piece of 5/8" OD steel tubing to it so it matched the upper outlet. Then I connected them with Aeroquip 2556 hose with regular clamps. Aeroquip 2556 is excellent for any oil or fuel application, it’s very high quality and not too expensive.

This photo was taken about four years after I made the mod (no cleaning done) and there were still no leaks several years later when I sold the car.

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I ended up ordering this from Aircraft Spruce. Perfect fit over a 5/8 modified sump fitting and the specs are right.

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