Speedo cable replacement, series 3

Was wondering if anyone has some hints on replaceing the cpeedo cable in my 74 Series 3. I am pretty sure the problem is at the traunny where the cable appears to be broken. I thought replaceing it would be easy taking of the dashtop to gain acces to speedo. However the manual has your removing the parcel shelf, radio and other pieces. Is that really necessary? Can it bee pulled from above using old cable?Thanks for any advice.

Hello Charles, I am quite clear that a proper refurbishing of the speedo cable should include a new cable, as well as an inspection and refurbishing of the rt angle drive. To do this the transmission cover needs to come off to give access to the rear of the gearbox.While I have done this job, it was many years ago, so I can’t comment on the accuracy of the ROM. Generally speaking the ROM is accurate!?

Hi Charles,
You could sure try to feed it up using the old cable but I can’t recall if it has a clip holding it to the front of the gear box cover as it crosses over from the right side to the left side. I think I have replaced the right angle drive with just using the access port on the right side. Sorry I can’t be more precise in my recollection but I’ve worked on several E Types and they start blending together.

I was able to replace the cable by taking the Tach out, not the centre console, radio panel etc.
Note - I too thought it was my angle drive and replaced it only (the first time). When it broke again the parts guy then advised that I should have replaced both! Spent an extra $150 for second angle drive to save a $16 cable! Do both!