Stopping the e-mails!

I seem to have chequed off the wrong box. I wanted to receive e-mail regarding only the XJS which I own…some great questions and fixes. I am receiving up to 82 e-mail all day long regarding all brands of Jaguars which is a bit too much. How can I uncheque that box, and where is it as I can’t locate it?
Thanks in advance.

there is a section call “user guide and how-to”, if you scroll down toward the bottom of the Categories

in it, you will find info such as this

How do I: Reduce the number of emails that Jag-lovers sends me - User Guides and How-Tos - Jag-lovers Forums

sorry I didnt read it all the way thru, as i have the concentration span of a peanut, but I think it has the info you need, if not, its in that Category somewhere


Thanks Tony!