Stromberg carbureters

I am looking for a pair of Zenith Stromberg 175 CD-2 that came off a 1969/70 E type series 2. Currently my 1970 series 2 had a pair of reproduction ( by Burlen) vintage SU H8 which were used on a 1952 XK120 C type. The problem with these carbs is that the dash pot is too tall and hits the underside of the bonnet. I want to replace these with175 CD-2. On my car the secondary butterfly in the inlet manifold has been removed as has the hot air duct from the exhaust side and I don’t want to restore theses. I just want a pair of carbs and, if possible, the linkage between the carbs and the choke cables.

Hi Stuart moving this to the classifieds area.

I just sold a set, but typically you can find the manifold and carbs on Ebay for less than $300. JS

Call Joe Curto in New York
Uncle Joe might have a set for you….
Good luck

Ill see if my local Jag shop has a set.

Going to Joe Curto as a first stop might be the best way to go. If you get some old carb’s they’ll most likely require rebuilding anyway and back to Joe you go. Great guy, dealt with him a lot, very helpful.

OK I will look but most of the Carbs I’ve see on E bay are little better than junk

I am in touch with Joe. He has offered me a set of HD8 in part exchange for my H8.

thanks for the E bay advert. I will have to find out whether there are any differences between series 1.5 and series 2 carbs. I don’t really need the manifold

Thanks I couldn’t see how to do this. I’m a bit of a neophyte when in comes to Web sites and I find the Jag lovers one very confusing to say the least.

Hi Stuart, just ask if there are things that you need help with, the site is not too bad to navigate.

In various photographs I’ve seen, my S1.5 manifold appears to have less plumbing than the SII version.

Whoops, looks like you have SU carbs so my comment about the manifold might not be valid/useful.

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I don’t think so.

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Are you still looking?

I have a set complete. Series 2 1969.

Yes I’m still looking for carbs. If you have a set send me photos and , if you know, tell me whether they are 3207F/R or 3305F/R
My e mail address is

Great. They’re at the shop I’ll take a bunch of pics tomorrow. Is there anything else you need?

Yes I am See my post on Jag

Stuart A Greenwood