Struggling with what color to paint car

So I’m getting close to getting in line for body work and painting. I was confident I was going with pastel green and a biscuit interior. I’ve since had an interest in the original colors which were english white (cream) and blue. Problem is, im not getting clear direction on what type of blue would have been offered and it was switched to buiscut by the previous owener. Cert just says blue. If it’s a dark blue i’m excited. If its a light or pale blue…not as much ts FHC Dec of 92, so it was one of the first at BL. Anyone have an idea what the blue wound have been like? Attached is a photo of what im hoping for, looks pretty smart.


Below is a photo of Lt Blue (also called French Blue) in my XK150:

There were very few ordered in that color combo.

I believe your car was offered in both the light and dark options. Porter’s book lists them as Blue and Dark Blue. So I’m guessing it’s likely yours was light blue?

But since both were offered, I’d say pick the one you like.

I just sent a sample to UK to get a set of bucket seats done in leather. The sample looked most like the Iris or Rolls Royce blue in the sample book. I am going with the RR blue.

My car was originally red with biscuit w/red piping. Previous owner changed to blue with dark blue interior. I really like it. Here are some pictures of my car and the samples.

Both cars really look good. Looking at Clausager’s book, they made 31 Cream FHCs with a blue interior. If I’m reading it right there was only one dark blue interior FHC and it was RHD. Unsure on the body color. Total of 47 dark blue interior cars, mostly OTS versions. Im guessing it was originally more ofthe french blue represented by the 150 posted.

I think this is probably the best example you will find of the original “blue”. Lighter blue seat with darker colored carpet.

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where did you order your kit from?

xk 140 ots ,bonjour la mienne et bleu pacific, interieur beige claire, l’ensemble et simplement magnifique , pas facile le choix de la peinture … a bientot gaetan

I had used OSJI in Muncie for my MKII many years ago, when they were still the G.W. Bartlett company. I was very happy with the fit and finish of the kit.

For my XK, it was a tough decision between BAS and OSJI.

BAS had slightly nicer material but their price was double. The color was also just slightly off from the original. OSJI’s was spot on, although it took them some time to match the moquette from my car. I am extremely happy with the result.

The 120 you posted from BaT I am very familiar with it belonged to a good friend and I have been in it and driven it many times, the interior is grey not blue the body color was originally pastel blue but was resprayed in opalescent blue in 1966. Other than the repaint the car was absolutely the most original 120 I have ever seen.

It definitely does look grey, but I can see a hint of blue in the carpet, the seats, and the panels. He took some photos under the seat which is a mid blue. Also the certificate says blue? Maybe it’s an older restoration? It looks pretty darn original to me. I’m just hoping to find the definitive original “blue” scheme which I’m starting to suspect is very light.

Someone posted a barn find a few threads back blue interior which seems similar in look.

Yes, the carpets were blue although faded we were perplexed by that as well because of what the certificate indicated, even the leather on the underside of the seats were grey and they looked, felt and smelled original. He bought it in 1989 from the son of the original owner and his father’s 1956 140 DHC (Pastel blue/ grey) which he bought new had an identical interior color. At the time I had my fathers 1956 140 FHC (black/red) that he bought in 1966 from the original owner and the leather in the two car were identical in feel and texture and both of the 140’s were original for certain. Personally I really like Killer58’s color combination, I would go with the darker (navy) blue with the Old English (cream) white.

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