The elusive opalescent maroon

I’ve searched the archives diligently. At least until 2015 there was no specific formula for this color. I custom-mixed something that is pleasing and most closely resembles the extinct Dupont code [Dupont Lacquer 8317LH*] listed in Jag-Lovers, after extrapolation and adjustment by two different mixing stores who had access to similar codes, but not the real thing.

Can anyone help find a currently-coded paint that is acceptable as a substitute? Custom mixing is a really questionable approach.
Many thanks.

Talk to Clive Wilkinson, he’s the last one I know to have painted his car that color and automotive paints was his profession until retiring. Clive are you listening?

My car was originally that color: I had Tower Paints make up foo-foo cans of the color—to touch up the engine frames—and it was a dead match for the OE color.

That said, not sure they make large quantities.

If you have an unexposed panel—inside of hatch/trunk, gas cap flap, auto paint stores can use a computer to match the color.

As I recall Drew’s car is that color and he recently got a (beautiful) respray so he may have the skinny on this.

Drew (and Mary):


Sadly, no panels that color
It used to be BRG, a color that I am not fond of.

Back in 2009 Classic Jaguar in Austin, TX painted my SIII Opalescent Maroon using a modern paint. The color looks fantastic! Give Dan Mooney a call. He’s always very helpful to Jag Lovers.


That is indeed stunningly beautiful.

I have the formula on an old set of Glasurit color cards.
I’ll dig it out tonight.

Thank you so much!! Looking forward to it

Classic Jaguar in Austin, TX

I left Dan a message - hopefully he will call.
Thank you for the lead.

PPG 50629 is a “current” code as far as I know (i.e. a PPG paint shop could access it), though how close it is to the original colour I don’t know. Hopefully Drew will have the definitive info from his recent repaint.


Thank you so much everyone!
I’ll post pictures…

I used Spies Hecker:


Nice car, cute wife, goofy looking guy next to the car.


Thank you Drew, that helps a lot.
Looking at their website, the formula i only available in Europe??

Dan Mooney was nice enough to have his guy print out the code for me. I took it to my paint guy and he went to a paint shop here in Austin that mixed up a gallon of paint. The painted car was then covered in clear coat and color sanded. I don’t think Spies Hecker is hard to find here in the US. My understanding is that it is a higher end paint.


Dan did the same for me when I was searching for OP Gunmetal. In that instance, the paint was from RM, a division of Glasurit (the original supplier to Jaguar back in the day). I got more detail from the Glasurit tech line. The trick is to get that mix specification. I have a hunch they’ll have a mix if a Spies Hecker store isn’t handy.