The Pub is reopened on a trial basis

The Pub is now open for those who would like to request access.

EDIT: The discussion of politics is allowed in the Pub, and so things can get a little heated sometimes. If you’re not OK with that, please don’t apply for access.

We do have another general chit-chat category where no politics are allowed, called the Lounge. Once the forum software promotes your account to “Member” status (a.k.a. Trust Level 2), you’ll be able to see and post in the Lounge. No admission request necessary.

Please note that the entire Pub category is completely invisible to those who have not requested access, so mentioning posts in the Pub in topics in other categories may cause confusion.

The rules of conduct for the Pub have not changed significantly, you are still expected to behave like a civilized human being.

The main change is that access to the Pub is now by request only. Said access can and will be swiftly revoked if you’re unable to behave yourself.

That said, opinions are always welcome, including those that are strongly held. Just don’t expect your opinions to be shared by everybody, and don’t expect them to stand unopposed, especially if they’re controversial in any way. Feel free to defend your views, but remember to attack the argument, not the person.

Reopening the Pub is on a trial basis only. If we’re still experiencing problems with name calling, personal attacks, dis-/misinformation, and other forms of disorderly conduct, we will close the Pub for good. If in doubt, consult the rules of conduct for all of Jag-lovers, as well as the specific rules for the Pub, before posting.

Nick & Gunnar


Well-stated: as you know, my pet peeve is statements of fact, which in fact, are NOT fact-based.

I will do my utmost to do as I have always tried to do: refute the point, and not the person.

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When applying for access to the pub please remember your trust level must be at least “member”.

We have had numerous people applying with only the level of “basic”

A quick search for trust level will tell you what you need to do to achieve MEMBER level.

Also give those likes when you see a post you like, it helps you get there.

We are trying to message people when we deny them access, but we have missed a few. So if you are a contributor of good standing your level is all that is holding you back.