There could be more than one Jaguar Sports Car model soon

(Gunnar Helliesen) #1

This is all conjecture and rumor of course, but we thrive on rumors, so here you go:

“Plans for a second Jaguar sports car appear to have picked up steam internally.”

There’s even talk of reviving the XK! If it’s true, you heard it here first. If it’s false, blame Motor Authority.

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(Jag-ur) #2

Sports car… Jaguar hasn’t built a ‘sports car’ for decades… they have TWO seats, are generally somewhat bare bones… and tend to be brought out at the most inopportune moments by Jaguar… their timing for the last roll out was atrocious. Whatever happened to the XK180 ? How about a continuation model ? You know the 30000 which were ordered and never delivered …


(Paul Wigton) #3

OK: we’re blaming Motor Authority!

An XK reboot would be cool! T’would obviously have to be updated for safety, but… if Chrysler had the moxie to make the Prowler, an XK would be possible!

Given their current financial woes, however…