Throttle pedestal microswitch substitute

Doing the wrong move, I accidently touched the spades and the fuel enrichment microswitch literally exploded… !

This is a inexpensive direct fit made by Omron.
The kick-down switch is also the same, so I changed it as well.

The lever is a bit flimsier than the Burgess, but works fine.

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The same switch is used for enrichment and WOT kickdown on TH400-equipped cars; kickdown mounts on the actual throttle cable. Buy 2, both on my XJ-S broke at different times.

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Used to spend spare time browsing electronic and hobby stores making mental notes of switches, relays, and such. Most have closed

Excellent info. Thanks for sharing.


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Added a cover, because why not…

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It’s funny, I no sooner read your post yesterday , then I
Proceed to go out to my car and accidentally broke mine
While I was i changing my spark plug wires. It hooked on
One of the electrical connection spades and just blew
Apart. I guess 34 years of being in a hot engine bay is
Hard on plastic.
Probably going to order one of these.

Speaking of engine heat and micro switches……

Some time back I bought some inexpensive micro switches……$3-$4 each, can’t remember the name….and discovered they don’t hold up well to V12 heat. The actuation became soggy and intermittent after a year or so. Lesson learned.

I found more robust versions. Again, sorry, can’t remember details. But if I can find ‘em so can anyone else. I recall it was a matter of slogging through the spec pages and noting designed operating temp ranges.


About 20 of them for $20.

Good tip Aristides, I found a US supplier , ordered it
yesterday for $6.59 from DiGI Key and it just arrived.
They even paid the import duty.