Tilt plate for engine removal

I am going to be removing the 3.8L engine out of my XK150 FHC in the New Year to freshen it up and hopefully fix the oil leaks.
I have a 2 ton shop crane (cherry picker type) and one of those screw type engine levellers; I have read the threads on here suggesting it’s more easily done with a Tilt Plate; does anyone have one of these that they would be willing to lend out to me?
I am located in BC Canada and certainly willing to pay the postage both ways.

The screw type leveler from harbor freight works just fine for me. It allows for a lot of tilt and is needed for that job.


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Thanks Kris, pictures are worth 10,000 words! My screw leveler is very similar to the one in your pictures so I’m pleased to see that it actually works, I feel a lot more comfortable with it now.
I see you had the damper/fan removed, is that necessary for clearance?

Yes, It was either remove the engine pulley and damper or cut out the bonnet latch cross brace. I also have a low ceiling in shop so limited on how high to raise the car front end vs tilt on engine. The tremec tranny is also a few inches longer than the original that adds to the challenge.

hello Graham and Kris . i do not know anything about harbor freight equipment. i never use anything i do not have proper mill certification for the material for as i have looked at lots of broken lifting gear and tools. i do have a tilt plate that i made and have used for 40+ years. will not loan but will provide picture, drawing on private email or you can visit me on Vancouver Island. certainly no disrespect intended or disputing what has been said already - just answering original question. john

I used a tilt plate but I had a lot of issues with the crank handle as it was fouling the hoist and was unable to get enough tilt ,Kris seems to have managed ok.
I finally hooked up on the second row of head studs bolts to get the tilt, with this I cleared the radiator bracket ,I then hooked up a come along around the tail of the tranny to lift it horizontal and out.
I did not remove the front pulley, but removed the steering rack bolts on the passenger side to slightly move the rack forward so the pulley could pass.

I am on Vancouver Island so if you need to discuss i will gladly pass on my number.

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Thanks everyone for the information and pictures, I feel much more confident now, Morris, it looks like a case of significant shrinkage of your gearbox on the reinstating pics :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That picture is how I have ended up having to R & R a few Jag engines, as the tilt plate simply wont allow for a steep enough initial insert angle…using the 2nd row of studs and standard lifting bracket.

The angle of tilt does have to be adjusted as the engine & trans moves in or out.
I use a low trolley jack under trans if I have to do it on my own.

At least one helper/spotter is a godsend


Actually the two gearboxes side by side are the same length

Hi Morris, sort of off-topic, but could you tell me your head#? I have a head I’m fitting to an E-type that was the same blue color. Thanks!

The cyl head in the picture is painted blue by accident, [ lack of knowledge ]. It is now’ duck egg green ’ which it should be for a 3.4, number is a 150 number V-4141-8

getting ready for the engine removal, couple more questions, when I drained the hot oil I only got about 5 liters out (incl filter), the capacity is supposed to be 8.5L; so where does the other 3.5L lurk? I’m concerned that it will be all over the garage floor when I tilt the engine!

Did you have 8.5 in the engine ???
Do you have the correct dipstick, for 3.8 = C 8781 part number should be stamped on stick
Is your sump the original sump?

Thanks Morris, I didn’t check the oil level before draining so it may have been low already. My shop manual indicates 13.5L as the total capacity but I didn’t get near that much out when I drained it, guess we’ll find out when I start removing the engine.

Another question, does the gearbox/overdrive need to be drained before hoisting/tilting?

Wow. 13.5 liters is 3.5 gallons! That’s a LOT of oil!
Pat H

No it does not, but I would drain it anyway.
here is my email just in case you need any quick questions answered or extra verbal help.

Dont know where you get 13 liters from , but i think you were miss led a bit as the 150 engines had
13 PINTS, and 15 pints with oil filter, which equals 8.5 liters.

oops, my mistake, it’s supposed to hold 8.5L and I only managed to drain about 5L, so I think I’m going to have a messy garage floor!