Title trouble with my 89 conv.xjs

I have bought in 2003 my xjs from california.
The Title wich came with it is FALSE because it is from a xjs wich is registerd as destroid.
In 2014 I asked the DMV in Californie for a copy of the correct title and they sad that they do not have any info of that VIN number wich is : SAJJNVDW4KP157535
Now the Duch DMV revuses to give my car a registration.
I have a Heritage certificat wich confirms with the numbers in the car and they did the recearch wich led to the destroid info.
Does anybody now what I can do to get my car registred ?

That’s not a valid Jaguar VIN. What is the VIN on the car, not the paperwork?

Look at valid options for VIN here:


I take it back! That guide is for up to 88, yours is an 89.

Ha John6
I am jan and this VIN nr. is from the heritage certificate.
furthermore do I know that the car was shiped to Jaguar-cars, Leonia,USA
on 6 January 1989
i hope somebody can give some advice.
Regards Jan

What is the VIN stamped on the panel dead center in front of the windshield wiper grille?

Unless it was wrecked and repaired and driven without going through the reconstruction process

Hello Kirbert
The Wrong vin nr wich is stamped on the car is : SAJNV484OKC158072 ( wrong title)
The correct vin nr wich is acknoledged by the duch dmv is : SAJ-JNVDW4KP157535 ( Heritage certificate)
If you like i can scan the incorrect title and the Heritage certificate

Hello Jason
That car is striped of it,s identity so how to legaly drive it?

How can the wrong VIN be stamped on the car? Unless that particular panel was replaced with one from a wrecker, the VIN stamped on the car should be gospel, anything that disagrees with it is wrong. If that panel was replaced, the VIN is stamped in a couple of other places, including on a panel near the trunk latch.

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The car can be bought back from the insurance company, or cars can be purchased from salvage yards with the intent being to rebuild/repair, and then get a “reconstructed” title for it. Depending on where the person lives that buys it and their intentions for it, they may have never retitled it and never “legally” put it back on the road. I agree with Kirbert, look all over and find as many stamped numbers as you can. Hopefully someone only replaced a panel or two from a salvage car. Worse case, try contacting the guy you bought it from and see what’s up with it. How did you come up with the different heritage vin?

There is a big mess with North American VIN numbers.
For some unknown reason my 1986 Canadian XJ, and I believe all NA exports, had two… one stamped at the firewall brace and another on the doors and windshield with two different prefix letters, but same serial.
It was the biggest ordeal when I had to register the car in France…

But your two VINs have complete different serial numbers…

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The car is hot!!!


Yeah, a distinct possibility.

I heard once that you can go to Belize and walk through a parking lot and snap photos of the VIN’s visible through windshields and send the snaps back to investigators in the USA and all of the cars will have been reported stolen. Apparently a car in Belize is a stolen car from the USA.

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In NC if the title is ever sent to DMV as junked thats the end of it ever being titled again.
Lots of states have reciprocity laws and vehicle titles have to meet the prior states laws if vehicle shows up in different state. Not saying that’s the case here but a possibility.

We’ve all seen extreme examples of people “restoring” cars from what appears to be a pile of rust. I find it difficult to believe that it’s not possible to title a vehicle if some PO had junked it.

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I know for a fact that most of the title procuring companies that advertise in Hemmings and other places that they can get you a title for any car for a fee they don’t like dealing with NC.
There is a process in NC where if the Title has not been legally processed and still in the last owners name the purchaser acquires a surety bond for the appraised value then the DMV will issue new title to who ever has possession of the vehicle. The purpose of the bond is in case prior owner come forth an contested that persons ownership. Once that title is actually junked that complicated the he!! out the process.
I used to buy wrecks to rebuild and sell NC if the vehicle is 7 years or younger DMV theft division has to inspect the vehicle before repair, after repair they come back out and sign off on it. If the vehicle was older then 7yrs that process was eliminated unless it was an out of state title then DMV theft division had to come out and make sure nothing appeared out of order as far as prior registration was concerned. All this was few years back, the process still exists but the age factor may have changed

The problem with motor vehicle registration laws is you have 50 states therefore you have 50 different sets of laws.

Some states have bonded titles… You put up money for a certain time til it gets cleared up

Cash for clunkers program? Could it be some of these cars sent to be crushed didn’t get there? There were nine 89 XJS convertibles sent to the crusher per a Mr. Kelbizzle. I have tried two dead end links to a complete list with VINS.

Just a thought,
In France we have the FFVE (Fédération Française des Véhicules d’Époque) that deals with getting a special “Véhicule de Collection” registration if the car is more than 30 years old.
The legislation for “Véhicules de Collection” in France is very favourable and there are ways of getting a registration even if you don’t have the titles.
There must be something similar in Holland?

Just for giggles I thought I’d do a vin check on the first number. It looks like it comes up clean. To ask again, where exactly did you get the second vin? I know other countries vin’s are different, but is it possible one of the numbers got displaced somewhere along the line?