Today was a good idle day

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That’s impressive, now try it without the wad of chewing
gum stuck on the bottom LOL!

Or running…20 characters

It was running. Day before was not a good idle day. Adjusted throttle linkage and replaced TPS wire connector. Thought I’d try the coin trick while I could.

I was joking; great work. Mine most always idles a little rough, set the throttle clearance, new TPS, a couple of coolant sensors, rebuilt the AAV. But once in a while, it surprises me and idles perfect.

I figured. It was idling a little high, 800-825. But I’ll take it. May look at rebuilding the AAV.

I don’t think I could rev it with the nickel on there. After the front subframe refresh I now get, what feels like, resonance vibration around 1100-1300.

Is that the 6.0L V12?
The later ECU’s could control fuel mixture so much better.

It’s a 5.3L. The last of them with the intake manifold, fuel rail, air rail, etc. of the 6.0L. I guess a bit of a transitional year. Not sure about the ECU.

if you have the 26 ECU instead of the 16, that helps a lot. Also, I ‘think’ the Marelli idled better?

Still very impressive, you’ve hit the V-12 holy grail.
Mine did it flawlessly until I change the spark plugs.
I tried it again , a few weeks ago after changing rotor and
Plug wires. It lasted about 30 seconds before toppling over.

Yep, 26CU is so much better at figuring out correct fuel ratio. Computer tech jumped immensely from mid80s to early 90s. Jealous.

I got my 1988 16CU idling quite well, don’t think i can balance a coin, but its very close. Getting the two throttle bodies identical at 0.002" made a huge difference, as well as switching to NGK G-power platinum plugs which actually seem to help a wee bit.

Is that 26CU just an easy upgrade from a 16CU? Or is
There some tweaking that needs to be done?

do the 26cu operate on Lucas set up ?I do have a couple here, Arthur

I tried it with a nickel and was able to get it to balance there while I got my phone out, put in the unlock code, selected the camera- and as I hit the shutter button, it fell over. I could not get it to do it again; my engine has the as cast intake ribs and evidently is slightly downhill to the rear. And it wasn’t idling particularly smoothly.

Nope. You can use a 16cu on a 6cu car, but 26cu won’t work going backwards.

Good idle day for an 80s 16cu Lucas ignition V12 too!


That is fricken amazing!

Took me several tries. Finding a good slope to keep it from rolling and coordinating the the camera.

Probably will jinx it, but ever since i replaced my NGK V-power copper plugs with NGK G-power platinum plugs two weeks ago, I’ve noticed a smoother idle. I even had to change my ECU fuel mixture from 2 clicks right/rich to 8 clicks left/lean to obtain the recommended 1.95V. My gas mileage is up too. About 8%.

They are only about $1/plug more than the coppers. Totally recommend the NGK G-powers for anybody replacing their plugs.