Total restauration 92' xj40 4.0 help needed

it scares me to remove all that wiring in order to fix the rust. Does anybody have pics to guide me to remove all that + the air cooling items? Thanks

Anybody knows if i can find a front screen panel to buy or i will have to make it by myself from metal sheets?

Finding out where the spot welds are and from where to cut the roof panel to replace

welding spot for the rocker too. Now i just need to wait for the bits to remove the welding spots. Going slow guys ,but going😁

There was a moment when i was about to take the hammer and just buy another ones.:sweat_smile:

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Doing small things when i have time. Also i don’t have yet a big metal sheet for the side panels so i have to do something else until it will arrive.

first time when i try to weld. Any tips are welcome i have put some paint on to not get rusted until it will be ready for painting(maybe 2 years🙃)

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hi guys.what am i missing here? Does it come from factory like this? One metal sheet rusted and one like new. Or was it fixed before​:thinking::thinking::thinking:?

Not from the factory, but probably just how the water sat in various areas. Just a word of caution, try to work on one area at a time if you are cutting steel out. That will give you a better chance of the body staying straight(ish)

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I was thinking a lot about this in the last days. I am also thinking if it will have distorsion. I will try to see if is possible to leave that corner for another time,and fix first the rocker and floor.
Not sure if is because the water didn’t get there. It looks like stainless steel. But when i will open there i willpost pictures. Thank you for your advice

does anybody knows if RH and LH are different? I can find only RH. Was thinking to take 2 and use. The curved lines could be a problem to fit the RH on left side?

Looking on the SNG site it appears they only list the one sill, just send them an email to confirm, they are a special order anyway so you want to be certain that it would fit both sides.

I will need the help of everybody here. I have a rear corner where i have doubts about cutting and welding.
Almost sure that my plan is not the right one,so i am asking advices before i mess it up. Thanks

Hi Andrei, you really need to look at bracing the car so that it isn’t trying to fold up on itself any further.
Your are a very brave man!

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Thank you Robin. I will try to do that. Anybody that have done the body work and can advice me from where should i start to cut and replace by pieces?

what about the vent box?:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::thinking:

You have to do. The years were structurally different. Panel from the new body will not be 100% compatible with the old body.

Both of them 92’ one from january,another august. The one that i will be welding have a bit of rust on the surface. Beside brushing and cleaning the rust,what else should i do to make sure that will not advance? I will try to see if i can make that vent boxes😐. Thank you for the answear.