TPS clean & drain holes

Hi, does anyone have handy photos of the best position to drill the clean and drain holes in the red 6-wire TPS? There were some great pictures on the old site but they don’t seem to be accessible now and I have tried blowing up some of the thumbnails that I can still see on the old picture albums but they just aren’t clear. Thanks.

If you have the TPS off the throttle body you can prise off the bottom and give the insides a good spray with brake cleaner and make sure all the tracks are in good condition. Otherwise just drill a couple of small holes in either corner and spray through them


What year is this???

This would have been off circa 1988-92 XJ40

Thanks for the picture. It looks like there is plenty of space to drill in from the bottom. Will give it a go over the next couple of weekends.

I will have to look under the hood, I don’t think I have a red thing on my 89

Should have one :slight_smile: it sits underneath the throttle body. James if you are taking the throttle body off then its just as easy to flip off the cover and give it a good clean with out drilling holes. 1/4” drive ratchet with a universal joint works well, I can’t remember if the bolts are 8 or 10mm.

You have one but it’s probably black by now from oil mist and general crap.

Every XJ40 has one - it’s the thing that tells the ECU what the throttle butterfly is doing.

I widhI new that when I had my throttle body off! Mine is starting to hunt again at idle, whith an occasional stall

Foud it and it is red, my mistake I never had the throttle body off. There is a small hole on the rear side just above that, would injecting cleaner in that hole do anything as far as cleaning?

Can you get a photo of the position of the hole?

supprisingly yes.

That’s a different TPS to what I am used to, but I doubt there is a passage into the TPS from that hole.

It’s an 89 us the only red thing nder the thottle body and has 3 wires.

Not saying its incorrect, just a different shape to the photo I posted, at least from that angle.

It does look a bit smaller thathe pic you had, I will try to get one from the front.

pretty dark but this is the front.

The '90 to '94 cars had a bigger red TPS, with 2 wipers; one for throttle and one for the electronic gearbox. The '88 '89 cars didn’t have an electronic gearbox, so a smaller TPS.



Thanks for the info.

Anyone know if I can unbolt the from the bottom, clean, and reinstall easily?