Unpleasant Experience with My CPO 2016 F Type R

Greetings to all,

During the end of Nov in 2019 I purchased a CPO 2016 F Type R in Santa Monica Jaguar. I was extremely exciting and happy; however, the story just began. One day after I purchased the car, I found out that there is long scratch on the front, and it is not very obvious because it has been repaired but in a very bad way. I have asked the sale many times that are there any scratches on the car but he said no. When I sent photos of the scratch to him, he just said they did not see any. Okay. I may have to blame myself for this, BUT on 1/3, I sent my car to Newport Beach Jaguar because I thought I had a flat tire, but people over there found out that one of the RIMS was damaged and has been repaired in a very bad way, which caused the tire to be flat. People over there told me it is possible that Santa Monica Jaguar knew that there is a damaged wheel but they still sold the car to me and claimed that the car is a CPO vehicle, which has gone through many processes. I then called people in Santa Monica Jaguar many times, including the managers. NO ONE ANSWERED even though I left the voice messages. After a few days they told people in Newport Beach that they will send a new wheel to them, but now it has been 11 days, I still have not gotten my car back and they are still saying tomorrow tomorrow…

Very disappointed.

I hope people here may give me some advice. I just can’t believe that a CPO car will have issues like these and they never communicate with or apologize to me.

Hi Jackson,

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This situation sounds like a nightmare. Have you tried contacting Jaguar Cars North America? I have no idea what they can do, if anything, but it couldn’t hurt to try?

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Hi thanks for your response.

I was thinking that if they are going to solve the problem for me then okay… I am not going to argue with them, but they first time said everything will be done last Friday and moved to Monday and today… but now they said tomorrow.

I just can’t bear with this attitude so I contacted Jaguar Cars North America and reported what I have experienced to them. They made a case for me and let me wait for two days for response.

I am now into about 10 days of ownership of 2017 F type. My car also “Certified” with 12K miles. Will be taking it to a local dealer tomorrow to be checked out. The certification process does not mean much in my opinion, this may vary from dealer to dealer? My battery is below 12 volts, door hinge is worn, coolant level not topped off. The biggie is excessive wear on front rotors and ridges on rear rotors. Certified guidelines state rotor wear beyond 50% requires replacement. Engine at idle seems to be noisier than my 21 year old XK8. Yes this is a used car but a 12K miles what could go wrong??
A few days before the F type purchase I got a new Honda Pickup truck, the quality level is so high compared to Jaguar. Comparing apples to oranges here but Jaguar could learn a few things from Honda!

Back in the 1970s took my E type to the Santa Monica Jaguar dealer because the A/C was not cold, their response was to “just drive along the beach” Years later E was burning oil and there response was “we do not work on older Jaguars” it was 6 years old at the time.

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CPO, by any measure, simply means, “used car.”

A few dealerships actually try to be decent, but damn few.

In preparation for taking the car into dealer tomorrow decided to do a little more detective work. Pulled off all plastic covers in engine compartment.
Vacuumed all leaves and pine needles and now know why coolant level is a little low. Signs of dried up coolant around supercharger/head on left side of engine. So much for the 165 point check! By looking at the GPS history this car never left Beverly Hills/Santa Monica area and doubt if ever driven on Hwy. If I do hwy. driving in no time I have minor chips on windshield from stones. No chips on this one.

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Two stories.

Years ago I took my wife’s XJ40 in for replacement of the automatic seatbelts at the dealer in Richmond, VA. I had just replaced a burned valve (myself) in the thing after going up a loooong grade in West Virginia.

Wife went to pick the car up and the dealer said they had to replace the battery as well. $225. Battery was two months old. Well, if you have worked on these before, you’ll know that if you leave the door open and the belt is trying to close it’ll simply drain the battery.

Called them up and said the battery is new, I think I know how to work on this having just redid head and also restored an E type and it’s your fault the battery is dead. “Well sir we already disposed of the old battery”. I went down to discuss further. They somehow came up with my battery. I took it in to Autozone where they tested it. Bad battery. I took off the cover on the cells and you could see where someone had taken a screwdriver and ran it down the cell. Bastards

Friday afternoon I’m headed down I 95 in my XJ40 just north of Baltimore on my way home in VA. All of a sudden the windshield is covered in oil. I pull over and find a large stone embedded in the oil cooler. I find a Jag dealer in Towson about 30 minutes away. Call them and explain my problem. Get it towed there. Already nearly 5pm on a FRIDAY. They find a used cooler in the shop somewhere and stay until 7 to get it fixed and then - thoroughly washed it. The folks were absolutely angels!

Why can’t they all be as wonderful as that one. Went beyond the call of duty

Might call it “Tale of two Cities”

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Just took the F type out for a run on the hwy with my OBD engine temp sensor hooked up. Outside temp of 65 deg. F, as I drove faster temps increased. At 75mph engine was 108 Deg. C. I can verify I was doing 75 mph
because the cop hidden in the bushes with radar gun said so. My first ticket in about 20 years, he did knock down my speed by 10 mph when I explained that I was testing the car for overheating at speed.

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I looked a Certified F Type last summer at a dealer…the left rear tire had a slit in it about 2" long. How the “CPO” mechanic could have missed that is beyond me.


I have a 2015 XF with the supercharged V6. It is the noisest engine I have ever had in a car. I was told it was the injectors from direct injection. The V8 on the other hand is super quiet. Not sure why the difference. Maybe balance shafts. . It also was a CPO. Oil was black as coal when I got it home and found out it was 2 quarts overfilled after supposedly being changed less than 1000 miles previously. They did put new tires on it and the car has been wonderful other than that.

I figured the ticking may be fuel injectors but I have another car with direct injection and it is quiet. Just added some injector cleaner for the heck of it.
The transmission seems to do the job so well you would think there is more than 340HP under the bonnet. Can’t imagine what the 575HP version would feel like? I am good with the 340, no more speeding tickets please.

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Spent some time driving one: it was…fast.


Just browsing jag-forum waiting on my flight to Copenhagen


Jaguar loaned me a F-Type Coupe with the 550 HP engine for a week while at a National Jaguar event in Colorado. Car was very impressive and just push the throttle and you are hitting 100 in no time. I even ran it in the slalom. Second place for the day behind a XKE that I also drove. The XKE was semi prepared though. Hope yours is working out for you.


maybe bring it to a FORD dealer,??
F for Ford!

The one in the photo, with Tweety, was massaged up to around that hp figure: it was fuuuuuuuun to go canyon carving with it!

Jaguar NA no help, Dealer will not respond, Credit card charge of $5000. in contest, oil analysis proves my case. Other than that car is fine?