Wanted or Information Wanted, or Both

I am looking for the “circuit board” which lives behind the instrument cluster. I own a 1989 XJS.
The “board” is cracking due to age and weather, and I am losing cluster lights. Bad enough this was not bright to begin with.


where are you located?

Syracuse, New York.

can’t help you from where i am

If not fully cracked into pieces, even work then, flex the board just enough to get Superglue into the crack and let it fully cure. The, with a small soldering iron and small solder and a small sharp cutting edge to scrape with, gently scrape the surface of the printed circuit solder clean and solder just enough solder to reconnect th e two across the break.

I did that many years ago to the instrument cluster circuit board from a BMW of a friend when everything in the cluster was acting erratically. Everything worked properly after it was repaired.

Be very careful not to overheat the board or printed circuit strips or you will have a mess … which you already have … so it may be worth a try?

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It is usually possible to solder thin tinned copper wire across the
cracks in the copper PCB. A multimeter will find the breaks in the copper.

Jim Brighton UK XJSC 1984 3.6L

Good morning and thank you for replying. I was considering what you suggest, but my soldering skills on such a fragile piece would hold me back from trying it.


Richard. Maybe there is a Hobby Shop in your area where enthusiasts for things like model trains. Slot cars. RC airplanes shop and hang out…might be a source for some help. Or a “mom and pop” radio repair shop

Already tried that route and when I showed them pictures if the “board” they all declined quickly. Thank you for writing.

I had similar issue. Only solution I found was to purchase a used instrument cluster in excellent condition on Ebay. I swapped the speedo so i could maintain my odometer.

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Thanks Greg, that’s probably what I going to do if I can’t find what I am looking for.


If you are anywhere near me, I would consider doing it for you FOC. Do
you have a photo of the pcb you can email me?

Jim Brighton UK

Hi again. I live in Liverpool, but alas the Liverpool in New York. I appreciate the offer.


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Sounds fair, I looked but could not find where to add that information.

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I have a couple of 89 XJ-S parts cars. I will sell you the entire gauge cluster. I don’t want to pull it apart.

Good morning. I think that would be the way to do it. This is becoming a pain in the neck.

Please advise and if you could relay a picture of the cluster. My idea might be to take out the speedometer on mine as it is accurate.

Thanks in advance,

Rick in Syracuse New York.

Hi again, this would do the trick…I could take the speedometer out of mine to keep the mileage accurate.

Please advise, and thank you in advance,


Hello. You claimed you had a cluster, but I have written twice with no reply from you. I am 75 and retired 20 years ago rescue homeless and abused animals. We do not re home. Fact is I will need to plan out time to once again take out the cluster to re install the one you have. I have an old farm house with no barn nor garage thus again I need to allot space and time to fix this issue. I need to figure out what needs replacing or not.

Please let me know of your plans in this matter and thank you in advance.