What a project. So tempting

Paul, I made some templates to cut out of a flat stainless steel metal, then I had to force it to the form of the light.
The first one I made in two pieces and had to weld it full, the second one was one piece and was only welding little to the front and back.
Experiment, was not sure to use them, but with a nice polish machine, it turn out to be very nice. Surprising, hahaha.


That is some weapons grade, Jedi master-level metal work, Frank!


That’s a lot of work, how many years?I am working on the e type for 5 years now and 30 years collecting all the parts.


The 1978 Fuel injection heads did not have air injection ports but did have the larger inlet valves. I think this continued until 1981 when Air Injection was put back on the heads. Easy enough to put some 1/4 pipe plugs and some JB Weld and then paint over on the later heads.

Beautiful work Frank. Good timing too - I’ve been working on it 2 years and don’t even have a car yet… :thinking:


But you’ll sure know how to set up the suspension

Back on the original topic briefly, it’s still for sale, so it seems not such a bargain in the harsh light of reality.

Ok so what would you pay Tom…… sight unseen

I think I would have to fly up there and see it.

I personally would take the gamble on the chassis repairs that have been done so far. It would be good to see all the receipts for the mechanical work. I would want to see the bonnet and find out what parts are missing.

Maybe $65,000.00?

My main issue is I think I want a car I can drive now, even though I would enjoy the project. I would consider buying this as a project as well as buying one I can drive now too.

This keeps tempting me:


It seems to be well, but not perfectly restored, and should be quite usable, but overpriced for the overall condition.

The abysmal fit of the body panels alone makes it not worth $200,000.

Yes, terrible fit. Bulging in all the wrong places.

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Correct Kevin and Paul
I concur Re the fit of panels and mixture of dashes ……. Can certainly do better than that

I’m not sure what this will go for ….but seems to be a reasonably honest car