What did you do to your E-Type today? (Part 1)

Erm… exactly which appendage you usin’ to push the clutch??



When I advertised my `66 FHC some years ago, the original NZ owner, who bought it in UK and toured UK and Europe in it before returning home and restoring it, drove 200 miles to have look, hoping to buy it back. A couple of inches taller than me, he was gutted ( pun intended) to find that he couldn’t even sit in it , steering wheel and belly trying to occupy the same space. But the new owner did live in the same town and just down the road, and as a historian, was thrilled to contact the PO and add further to its history. I was only the 3rd owner in NZ.

Drivin’ with the top down, not pants off :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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Is it you or the clutch that lost 2 inches? :grin:

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On the benefits of a 2+2…
Besides being easier for a taller driver to press the pedals and not accidentally flash the headlights or indicate left (or both at the same time), another benefit is that the doors are wider. This makes it much easier for both taller gentlemen and larger gentlemen to facilitate ingress and egress without the use of sky hooks and truck size tyre irons.

And for ladies of all descriptions to alight with all the dignity they would wish and deserve.


Neither I would wish for. :rofl:

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Not today April 6… But Finally got around to post

Some more fine tuning on the Dyno


250 RW ponies?

Pretty damn healthy!


And that torque just keeps on giving

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Maybe more regular readers know what you have under the hood, could you give me a quick rundown?
Also is the shape of the air fuel ratio plot intentional? Richer at low RPMs for more torque?
And what’s with all the fuel cans? :fuelpump:

I read that it’s leaner at low rpms, higher air/fuel ratio

Shop was full of turbocharged supercharged nitros Japanese/German rockets so I guess they run out of fuel a lot.

I’m running the Mangoletsi/Emerald fuel injection on a Rob Beere 4.7.

We found through the runs that this motor wanted more fuel which coincided with Rob’s recommended levels.


I fixed my reverse light switch as well. It was always on. Removal showed that the ball plunger switch was stuck in the depressed “on” position. A couple of presses freed it. 5-10 test presses had it stick once, then 10x more, no more sticking.

I shot some Tri-flow lube into it anyway (shouldn’t harm any switch electricals since it’s already bathed in transmission fluid) and gave it 20-25x presses, no sticking so hopefully it will go a few seasons (or perhaps another 50+ years) before it sticks again.

With a mild case of shipwright’s disease I finally decided to replace the console handbrake seal that was disintegrating though the console was probably only 15 years old at most (looks like a replacement one, probably from OSJI since they supplied the other interior parts.)

Next to the decayed seal is the even more decayed grommet for the handbrake light cable, which I also replaced.

Though I had a replacement seal, I also had a sheet of very thick Buna-N (1/8", about three times thicker than the stock seal) that I used to cut my own replacement and glue in. I was worried that the extra thick rubber would create a lot of drag on the handbrake and I’d have to make a wider opening for it rather than just a slit, but it turned out not to add much if any extra drag.

It was hard to get a straight cut for the handbrake though because of the thickness of the rubber. It looks kind of uneven, but not very noticeable when the handbrake is in place pushing through it. Hopefully this seal won’t decay anytime soon, the previous one was decaying already 10 years ago, when I was hardly moving the car let alone driving it.



Ok fitted the carbies ( from 3.8) , front engine pipes, made new linkage for accelerator to carbies ( still need to braze ) ….fitted the wiper mechanisms ( wasn’t as difficult as I remember ) and washer nozzles connected the wiper motor ( previously refurbed by me) tested all together :+1:

Fitted the front engine pipes to manifolds ( used nordlocs and brass nuts)

Went to fit mufflers …ooops only 1 set of support brackets :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Wow, early 3.8 throttle linkage & dash pot dampers! Like your exhaust manifold finish.

I looked a my E-type project, and decided I don’t feel like working on it again…maybe tomorrow night…


I agree with Randall about the manifold finish – very nice. What did you use? – [quote=“Allrand, post:10449, topic:358680”]
Like your exhaust manifold finish

Just a ceramic finish

Tim sometimes that’s what I do too ……and I get distracted by other projects as well as life generally

This afternoon I got a small bursts of energy. Started assembling the front frames and right lower control arm. Then ordered more parts…