What did you do to your Saloon today

(tony) #1

If the E-type fellas can have this topic, and on other vehicle forums…

I used to try and average 1hr per day while I was working

after 20yrs ownership, I decided to finally sort out the locking issues in my 420G!

Promptly locked the boot and could not get it open, it popped open at 90mph!
Once home, I dismantled and lubed the entire mechanism, every piece…it works perfectly now

In addition, my single teardrop DS rear view mirror has erectile dysfunction since I owned it
The internal thread must be stripped in the “hold” position

I recently accquired 2 x used MKX teardrops, so that mine can have a matching pair

they have the wrong headed screw in them but it holds.
I suspect the threads are subtly different (original thread likely to be an odd BA or BSP thread imo)…off to the fastener specialist to get the right head, and a thread that will hold.

In the meantime, the mirror does not droop down useless on the flank, but stands proudly upright, doing its job

(DaveMoore) #2

I stripped and cleaned the mounting brackets for my horns using an electrolysis bath and then a coat of rust converter (just to prime).
Tomorrow I paint.
Small steps.

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #3

I fixed a vacuum leak on the MK2 - the elbow coming out of the vacuum advance unit is old and perished. As a temporary fix I fitted a heat shrink sleeve over the protruding pipe and refitted the elbow with a zip tie. Now I have only a small falter when I stand on it from a start or from low revs in second an top. Topped up the dash pots and it’s a bit better but not gone. I love fault finding - I think the front carb might be a bit lean. Paul

(Jeff Smith) #4

Chasing down moisture in #5 cylinder after recent over heating…after redecking head, think it may be warped intake mainfold. Crossing fingers this is it.

(TheoSoares) #5

Finally wired up the wideband o2 sensor I’ve had on the self for half a year, mounted in the glovebox with some extra hard felt. Next weekend the bungs will go into the pipes and then to fine tune the carbs…

(tony) #6

My Saloon punished me today with a weird electrical issue

No front RH blinkers (x2 on a 420G) = fix before driving again

rear blinker works…no signal at the front wires

flasher can relay clicks on and gets very hot

substitute flasher, no joy, same fault

remove all needed parts, remove Hazard circuit, check & test wiring, no obvious fault

By using a test light, and clips on the bullets, I am eventually able to establish part operation.

however both RH and LH side marker blink when RH indicator is set !

I have unplugged the LH side marker bullet from its harness, and doubled it with the front marker

Everything is now operational

I do not know the exact cause of the fault, but suspect there may be some crossover in the stalk assembly wiring, or an issue in the wiring harness.

took me a fair while to get thru that. I hope it does not recur

(Robin O'Connor) #7

Managed to get the heater box back in the ‘S’ only took three attempts and of course the little clip that holds the hot/cold flap actuator on flipped off…and tinkled down the exposed exhaust pipe :frowning:
Also found out that the side lights are held in by captive nuts, just need to track some down 6-32nc
Found some pack of 1000 - 466 pounds think I’ll pass on those :frowning:
Conclusion; Ihad a strip of 12mm x 3mm allly, drilled and tapped 6-32nc and araldited the suckers in, job done :slight_smile:

(Ian) #8

Replaced my Gear leaver knob , old one was scratched and chipped ! 20190307_082604


Put the MK I on the lift, removed the fuel tank, Welsh Ent has one for the MK II, looks identical to the MK I.

(Tigger) #10

Used it to take *rap to the tip then the supermarket.

(Andrew Waugh) #11

You can drop crap off at the supermarket?

Cool. Ours only take PET bottles, and stuff like that.

(Tigger) #12

I use the term *rap in the general broad sense to mean the detritus from the shed, garage, mother in laws recent house move etc. If one were to use the term literally, we have toilets for that.

(tony) #13

made up a mini-harness from wrecked MKX wiring, so that my indicator fix looks right

took it down the supermarket…noticed the dumpster for charity clothes was overflowing

chance to grab some rags to wipe down my cars & oily engines, (better than buying them)

rummage around and find a bag of cotton T-shirts…perfect

get home and I notice the T-shirts are all folded, and look new

furthermore they are better quality than mine…try one on…perfect fit

upon closer inspection, I see they are all the same size, name brands, perfect condition

I grab a bunch and model them for the Mrs…my Autumn Collection, yellow, orange, red, white

she likes them lol

dont know about the size labels though…surely I am not XXL

(John Quilter) #14

Pulled the cam covers on my 3.8S to measure the valve clearances since after 1500 miles and two years the professionally done cylinder head overhaul has recently resulted in excessive tappet noise apparently from the intake side. Found intake clearances all over the map from less than .002 to .007. and exhaust from 004 to .009. Its going back to the shop to set this right.

(The Jag Man) #15

Hopefully a different shop or you’re closely watching the guys doing the work!


(Ian) #16

Drove my car to a pub , around a 20 mile round trip :beer:

(DaveMoore) #17

Welded in the last of the patches to my front valance:

(Robin O'Connor) #18

Been there done that, now in the process of replacing the right front nose piece, damage to the side light and area between that and the fog light

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #19

Hard to make out the colour - Sherwood Green? I pulled the distributor and freed up the vacuum advance operation, which was sticking. The vacuum unit still operates properly and is well sealed. All back in and timed up. Now running really well with no miss.

(Ian) #20

Don’t forget the gap for the grill fixing , but sure you know :ok_hand: