What happened to my post?

(Grooveman) #1

My post on the XJ40 forum “Mystery Rattle Finally Solved” composed on Sept 18th seems to have been removed…
What’s up Andrew ?

(Andrew Waugh) #2

This one?

(Grooveman) #3

Andrew … That’s the one

(Andrew Waugh) #4

Nothing happened to it. Perhaps it’s a case of PBKS?

(Grooveman) #5

Very strange … When I visit the forum and don’t log in the post is there. But when I log in it disappears !

(Andrew Waugh) #6

Very strange indeed. I’m in the shop today, but I’ll have a closer look when I’m back tonight.

(Paul Wigton) #7

My issues often come down to the ID-10T trouble code…