What is the overall width of 69 S2 OTS at Bulkhead Side Panels close to Bonnet

A thought may be to reach out to
Dan Mooney at Classic Jaguar in Austin TX Tel: (512) 288 8800 or (512) 288 9752 or (512) 301 1898
Chuck at Monocoque Metalworks (443) 907-2287.

Thanks Craig
I may well talk with Chuck as I would like to get a few door seal retaining strips from him that are not shown on his website but which he “advertises” in one of his videos as being available if you call him.

Hi Graham,
As a follow up to the PM, we have a number of cars in work that are unmolested in the area of your interest. I can measure the width for you tomorrow when I go into work.

The Exoskeleton attached to the bonnet centre section I sent you a picture of, is a great device to hold the bonnet in shape when gluing the air duct and other reinforcement panel infrastructure in place. We fit the bonnet, assemble and adjust the exoskeleton to the bonnet, remove the whole assembly from the car, invert it so that its supported on the exoskeleton and finish gluing the parts in position.


Thank you Martin
Those dimensions are exactly what I was looking for to give me some reassurance. My checks today have my bonnet at 1634 but I shall make sure the curve of the side panels first matches the bonnet shape and then let the straight edge guide the initial set up.

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Thanks Brent
If you can please check your dimensions that will be much appreciated.
The Exoskeleton looks very effective -sometimes its the most simple devices that prove to be most effective. Certainly looks like it would be much easier than crawling under the bonnet and gluing from the underside.

Just measured width across the flange on the firewall. 64 3/8" or 1635mm.

I used a magnetic straightedge along the side. There appears to be a very slight crown on the panel so edge to edge may be 1/8" less.

I can get a pic tomorrow if that would help.

Hi Wayne,
Many thanks for taking the time to measure your car and making the recent edit on the dimension.
64 3/8" (1635) looks very close to what I have measured at 1634 and if I add 2x 2mm for washers/trim clips in the joints, (they are currently not in place) I end up at 1638.
Martin also measured at 1638 so this should be a great starting point for alignment.
The concurrence of a few forum members on such things gives me more confidence to surge ahead and bend a bit more metal -
The presence of the washers in the joints was something else I learned from the recent reading on the forum as the washers were not in the old bonnet or replacement bonnet, both of which had been restored by other “tradesmen”.
Again this assistance is much appreciated.